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Not All Yogurt is Healthy

by | Aug 15, 2016 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Yogurt is often deemed a health food that you should eat every day, but did you know that not all yogurt is healthy for you after all? Keep reading to learn how to decipher between yogurt that’s actually good for you and yogurt that should be avoided.

The Problems with Dairy

Dairy products are addictive, which is why so many people have such a hard time quitting them or even reducing them in their diet. But the high fat and cholesterol content in dairy can be detrimental to your health in the long run. Plus, casein, which is found in dairy, has been found to be potentially carcinogenic. And on top of that, dairy also contains hormones that could potentially disturb your own hormonal balance and lead to ailments like cancer.

Some research has even found that dairy’s calcium isn’t as readily absorbed as the calcium found in other foods, and that eating a lot of dairy could actually pull calcium from your bones. Therefore, consuming a lot of yogurt may not be such a good idea after all, unless you’re sticking with plant-based milks, such as almond milk.

The Artificial Ingredients and Sugar

Another reason why not all yogurt is healthy is because it often contains very high amounts of sugar. Check the label of any yogurt that you’re thinking about purchasing, and try to stick with products that only contain low amounts of sugar.

In addition to looking at the sugar content, however, you should also check if a yogurt is healthy by looking at the ingredients list thoroughly. A lot of the yogurt on store shelves today is flavored with artificial ingredients and artificial sweeteners that aren’t good for you. In fact, despite the probiotics that are found in yogurt, additives actually feed harmful bacteria within the gut, thereby negating any benefits the probiotics would’ve provided.

Probiotic Supplements

If you want to get the benefits of eating yogurt without all of the excess sugar, dairy, and artificial ingredients, you can take a high quality probiotic supplement every day. These good bacteria will feed your gut and help improve digestion and boost your immune system.

If you do decide to eat yogurt, do so moderately, rather than every day, and really look at the ingredients and nutrition facts before purchasing. It’s also a good idea to steer clear of any flavored yogurts with extra toppings that aren’t really necessary and just add to the sugar content.

When trying to lose weight, consider that yogurt may not be the best idea after all. Replace it with healthier alternatives, and take a product like TrimThin X700 for better results.

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