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6 Week Body Makeover

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Diet Programs | 0 comments

The 6 Week Body Makeover is a diet program that was created by Michael Thurmond, who is a self proclaimed “master body sculptor and weight loss expert”. His primary claim to fame is in the contributions that some of his techniques have made to the methods employed in the “Extreme Makeover” reality television series.

What is the 6 Week Body Makeover?

For actual dieters, the 6 Week Body Makeover is broken down into three primary steps.

  1. The first is to discover your “blueprint”.
  2. The second is to actually form your makeover plan.
  3. The third is to begin the makeover, itself.

The official website provides a thorough FAQs section that helps to answer many of the most common questions and concerns of dieters and to help them to properly create their own plans.

It’s Customized but It’s Not Cheap

At the time of this original review, the official 6 Week Body Makeover came with a cost of between $1,600 and $1,800, depending on the dieter and his or her individual needs. That cost includes a product usually sold separately, the 6 Day Mini Makeover bonus guide that they claim is sold separately for $170, though it is unclear as to whether anyone actually shops for the bonus guide at that price or if it is merely priced that way to make it look like an enticing addition to signing up for the full program

The program was initially sold in an infomercial format, though it has been primarily moved online.

What Do You Get Through the 6 Week Body Makeover?

It starts with the submission of a “nutrition appraisal” which is then reviewed by a “Body Makeover Systems Consultant” who guides the dieter to the next step, including a quote with the final price tag. The final price depends on the number of features and steps the consultant feels will be appropriate for your unique body type, lifestyle, amount of weight you’ll need to lose during the 6 Week Body Makeover, and the resources you’ll need to use in order to reach your goals.

Though this price comes with a large amount of personalized support and contact with the company offering the program, as it is for only six weeks, it is likely cost prohibitive for the average dieter.  This is clearly targeted toward people who have more disposable income available to them or who believe in the 6 Week Body Makeover enough that they would be willing to take on some debt.

What Happens During the Month and a Half?

The marketing for the 6 Week Body Makeover states that within the month and a half period, dieters can expect to drop up to 30 pounds of excess body weight. There are five things that are included in the complete kit for this program. These include:

  1. The Quick Start Program
  2. The Customized Eating Plan
  3. The Personalized 18 Minute Body Sculpting Program
  4. The Customized recipes
  5. The Living Lean Program.

On top of those items, there are also two additional “free bonuses” that are offered with the program, which are the 6 Day Mini Makeover, as mentioned earlier, and the 24/7 Motivation and Support. That feature is available in the form of live individuals and online features that can help you to make sure you stay on the right track the entire time. Whether you’re finding that you’re drifting off track or you’re just not sure exactly what to do next, there are resources available to help you to get where you need to be at any time of the day or night.

The 6 Week Body Makeover Guarantee

The program does include a guarantee that says that users who don’t drop “up to 30 pounds” within the six-week period can receive a refund. That said, the “up to” in that statement does bring some doubts to mind.  After all, when considering that “up to 30 pounds” would mean that any weight loss at all – or, technically speaking, no weight loss – would allow the program to call itself successful within that definition, the guarantee does not appear to be all that specific.

This would allow the 6 Week Body Makeover a substantial amount of wiggle room in being able to call the guarantee satisfied if they so desire. That said, no customer feedback could be found regarding the ease of or necessity for that guarantee.  It could be that the original assessment would apply a specific amount of weight loss to which the guarantee could be applied – assuming the dieter sticks to the assigned strategy for the full six weeks.  That would seem to be a more appealing promise for the consumer, but the official information did not make the details immediately clear.

Update February 2020

The official diet website can no longer be found via Google search as of February 2020, though the books and the kit for the 6 Week Body Makeover are still sold second hand. It appears that this program may have shut down.


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