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How to Lose Belly Fat

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

woman struggling to lose belly fatWe Answered 11 Of Your Biggest Questions About How to Lose Belly Fat

Learning how to lose belly fat is really tricky.  It’s one of the easiest places to gain weight and the hardest to lose.  At the same time, it’s one of the areas most likely to change the way your clothes fit. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s also the area your doctor is most likely to tell you can be damaging to your overall health. Added stored fat around your middle can place you at an increased risk of heart disease and other chronic health issues in a way that doesn’t occur if it’s found on other regions of the body.

Why Can’t I Lose My Belly Fat?

Belly fat can be very challenging to lose.  That said, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to do it. It means that you haven’t yet found the right strategy for you.  This is good news, because it means all you need to do is discover the techniques most appropriate for your body.

Visit your doctor and discuss your goals to obtain advice specific to your health and wellness needs. That said, the odds are that he or she will discuss your daily calorie intake as well as your balance of nutrition and macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins). Diet is the factor that has the highest impact on your ability to lose body fat (including around your waist). If you have been doing crunches every night, you may be toning muscles there, but you’re not likely having much of an impact on the burn. Time to look at what you eat, instead!

What Exercises Burn the Most Belly Fat?

You may be surprised to discover that losing belly fat isn’t a matter of doing any specific exercise.  As earlier mentioned, if you’ve been doing those crunches, you may be toning the muscles in your abdominal area, but you’re not doing too much to shed the pounds. The reason is that this simply isn’t how body fat is reduced.

Exercise and diet will impact your weight. However, when you exercise, you can’t target where the fat will be burned away. You can target where your muscles will be toned. That said, your body fat will not necessarily be burned in the area where those muscles were worked. Stored energy is used on the whole, not in the place where it is needed.

Can You Burn Belly Fat by Walking?

It’s still important to note that exercising can have a beneficial impact on burning belly fat.  You may not be able to target specifically where it happens, but you can still use exercise to reduce your weight overall.  Walking can be a fantastic exercise to get that process moving.

Walking is wonderful because it can be done by just about anyone, it doesn’t take a lot of equipment (essentially, you need good shoes and clothing appropriate to the weather).  You also don’t need a lot of space. You can do it on a sidewalk, a track, around a mall early or late in the day, or on a treadmill. The key is to make sure you’re walking briskly. A slow stroll that doesn’t raise your heart and respiration rate won’t burn many calories.

Is There A Belly Fat Loss Workout?

There really is no such thing as a workout specific to lose belly fat.  That said, you can create a workout that will help your body to burn more calories and fats.  Eventually, this will make its way to your middle.  You’ll gradually lose the excess in that area the more you keep up these workouts.

A belly fat burning workout should start with cardio. This will depend on your fitness level. A brisk daily walk for a half hour could be enough.  As your fitness level improves – or if it is already higher – you can add options such as:

  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • A great spin session
  • Or an HIIT workout with everything from burpees to sprinting on the spot

Aside from that, strength training can also help. These exercises don’t burn as much while you do them. That said, they will strengthen your body by building lean muscle mass. This not only burns more calories all the time – whether you’re exercising or not – but it will also help you to avoid injury, so you won’t face pain and workout setbacks.

Can You Lose Belly Fat by Fasting?

Fasting has become a very trendy way to try to lose belly fat.  Whether or not it works depends on many different factors.  As is the case with any strategy, it isn’t ideal for everyone.  Some people can maintain it over the long term and can make sure they don’t end up eating more calories than they burn during the limited hours they can eat.  For these people, fasting is a terrific way to burn away the unwanted body weight.

On the other hand, if you find that fasting leaves you lightheaded, sluggish, fatigued, or relying on processed foods because you’re unmotivated to prepare nutritious meals with whole foods, this technique is not for you.  It is also inappropriate for you if you have any of a large spectrum of common medical conditions. It is unwise to try intermittent fasting without first speaking with a doctor.

Is There a Diet Plan That Helps Reduce Belly Fat?

Again, there is no single diet plan that will work for everyone to lose belly fat and keep it off over the long term. The key is to find the one that works best for you.  Ideally, you should be looking for something that will encourage you to eat an appropriate number of calories each day.  That should be comprised of a balanced diet made of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats as you avoid processed foods. It should also involve regular physical activity and also focus on your mental wellbeing and adequate rest each night.

Is There Something You Can Take To Help Support a Leaner Middle?

Here’s the good news.  The answer is “yes”.  However, it’s important to know that they may not exist in the way that you think.  If you’re looking for a diet pill to help you lose fat without your having to make any changes, you’re going to be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a prescription drug to help you to adopt the right habits to overcome obesity, you’re in luck.  Equally, if you’re overweight and want a non-prescription diet pill to support you in overcoming the challenges you face to healthy weight loss, those also exist.  Remember that these pills are tools, not solutions to your belly fat.

What is the Best Diet Pill to Lose Belly Fat?

Just as there is no single diet that works for everyone, the same can be said about diet pills.  There are indeed diet pills that can support your efforts to lose belly fat.  That said, it’s up to you to choose the right one for you.  The first step is to find products made by reputable companies.  Then, you need to make sure those products are made of formulas using only clinically researched ingredients.  Finally, find products that make realistic claims that are backed by that clinical research.  Be sure to choose options that won’t conflict with any medications or medical conditions you have and that align with your goals. When in doubt, always speak with a doctor.

Some of the top options dieters like to support them as they keep up their weight loss strategies include:

  • FENFAST 375 – For powerful diet support including healthy metabolism support and added energy.
  • PHENBLUE – With patented fat fighting NeOpuntia and energy enhancers.
  • LIPONITRO – A workout recovery support thermo burn formula.
  • 3G BURN – An all-natural formula with triple energizing effects.
  • TRIMTHIN X700 – An extreme energy formula to support peak performance.
  • APEX-TX5 – A metabolic support formula featuring thermogenic ingredients.
  • KETO FASTCUT – The ultimate keto dieting support with BHB salts, prebiotics and electrolytes.

What Foods Help Burn Belly Fat?

Look primarily for balanced nutrition to help you burn belly fat.  Aim to remain within your healthy calorie range and focus on including the following in all your meals and snacks:

  • Enough veggies and/or fruits to fill half your plate
  • Whole grains
  • Lean proteins
  • A small amount of healthy fat
  • Lots of water and fiber

This will help to control your calories, fill you up and give you all the nutrition you need for your body to run at its best.

Does Apple Cider Burn Belly Fat?

There have been many small studies conducted on the impact of apple cider vinegar on belly fat. Though there is some indication that apple cider vinegar may have some impact on appetite and fat cells, this hasn’t translated into actual measurable fat burning you’d see on a bathroom scale.  This also hasn’t been reflected in any long-term studies that show pounds are lost and not regained through the use of ACV.

Can You Reduce Belly Fat by Drinking Green Tea?

While green tea is an ingredient in many diet pills and many people applaud its use for reducing belly fat, there is an important fact that must be recognized before you buy box after box of this lovely beverage.  Research showing a connection between green tea and weight loss used a substantial amount of it. This would mean that you’d need to drink 12-15 cups of green tea every single day to gain the types of benefits you’d like to see.

Clearly, this is extreme and could not be maintained in any healthful way over time. Instead, if you want green tea to support your weight loss, it’s better to use a diet pill that has it in its ingredients list.

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