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Calories Burned Calculator

What Is A Calories Burned Calculator?

burned calories calculator man sweating while cleaning the houseAlthough many people feel that the only way to burn fat is to exercise, too few realize that many of the activities that we perform in our daily lives have a similar impact to a workout that we have performed for the specific purpose of losing weight. A Calories Burned Calculator can help you to discover just how much impact your daily life is having on burning away your excess fat.

Unless you are lying very still and unmoving, you are burning additional calories through the movements of your body. While some of these activities – such as simply raising your arm to pick something up – won’t have a tremendous impact on your weight loss, some others – such as vacuuming the house – may burn away more fat than you think.

By understanding how many calories are burned away when you dance around the house with your mop, when you wash the car, or when you clean the bathroom, you will be able to better understand how many calories you should be consuming every day in your food in order to reach your weight goals – be they weight loss or maintenance.

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What To Know About Using A Calories Burned Calculator

Keep in mind that there is still a base number of calories required just to operate the functions of your body such as breathing, beating your heart, tissue repair, body heat, digestion, hair, skin and nail growth, etc. So your goal isn’t to have your caloric intake exactly match the number of calories that you are burning through your activities and exercises every day.

It is also important to remember that a Calories Burned Calculator provides an estimate of the number of calories that are used up by an average individual performing the task for a certain length of time. Not everyone burns their calories at exactly the same rate. Heavier individuals, for example, will burn more calories away within the same span of time performing the same activity, when compared to a person who is a healthy body weight.

Therefore, a Calories Burned Calculator should not be considered to be an exact science as much as a guide that can help to let you know approximately what impact your day has had on your body’s ability to reduce its excess fat levels. You may also find that when you see how much benefit it can have on your weight loss efforts, you’ll be keeping your home a lot cleaner from now on!