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Waist-to-Hip Calculator

What Is A Waist-to-Hip Calculator?

A waist-to-hip calculator can help you to discover your waist to hip ratio, which is an important way to help to determine the type of health risk that you may have. This ratio has been discovered to be defining in terms of an individual’s chances of a number of different medical conditions.

People who have a larger amount of weight around their middles have a higher risk of certain diseases related to lifestyle such as diabetes and heart disease than people who have less weight around the hip area. This calculator helps to determine a useful and yet very simple measure of the distribution of fat on your body.

How To Use A Waist To Hip Calculator

Waist to Hip Calculator

Inches at narrowest point

NOTE: Measure one inch above navel

Inches at narrowest point



  1. To use a waist-to-hip calculator, your first step is to check your waist and hip measurements. To do this, you need to start with a measuring tape or a piece of string. Measuring your hips must be done carefully and appropriately.  Remember that you should be measuring at your actual hip level and not necessarily at the part of your hips that is the most visible. Using your fingers, start at the hip bones that you can feel at the sides of your body at the base of your abdomen. Then, pressing in gently, feel slightly behind that area until you can detect the bone further back. Follow that to its highest point. These are also your hips. Measure them from their widest part. This could range from that top level that you just discovered to the widest part of your buttocks.
  2. Next, measure your waist. This is usually located at the belly button or nearly above it. Measure at the narrowest point.  Remember that in neither case should you suck in or tense your abdominal muscles. Take in a deep breath and release it, relaxing the area, in order to obtain an accurate result. Tinkering with your own measurement will not help you to obtain a result that will be helpful to you.

Individuals who have the most weight around the weight are labeled as having “apple” shaped bodies. Those who have more weight around their hips are labeled “pear” shaped. Those with an apple shape are the individuals who are at the greatest risk of health conditions related to their weight.

Knowing this ratio can help you to make the right healthy lifestyle choices in order to remedy the situation and gain a healthier shape. This will help you to lower your risk of weight related diseases and increase your chances of a longer and healthier life.