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Easy Ways to Cut Sugar from Your Diet

by | Mar 24, 2016 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Refined sugar is more dangerous than you can imagine. Not only does it lead to some serious conditions, including diabetes, cancer and depression, but it also causes inflammation.

Most of us avoid consuming sugar. But unfortunately, it is present in most of our food in the form of hidden sugar. It is also in labeled dairy and a variety of processed vegan and non-vegan cereals. Also, we consume sugar in ketchup, hot sauce, granola and other products that are marketed as organic and gluten free.

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Here are some easy ways to cut sugar from your diet:

Buy Nothing Sweetened

For adopting ways to cut sugar from your diet, start making small changes. One strategy is to buy only those foods that are labeled as ‘unsweetened’ or ‘no added sugar.’ Almond and soy milk are available in an unsweetened form.

Buy only those. If you want to buy canned fruit, make sure you get the variant which is packed in juice and not syrup. Spending a little extra time at the grocery store will help you evaluate where hidden sugar is coming from in your diet. Then you can start making appropriate changes and figuring out ways to cut sugar from your diet.

Don’t Make Impulsive Decisions

The decision of cutting down sugar from your diet should not be taken without being mentally prepared for it. It is important to cut down on sugar slowly, rather than making drastic changes to your diet to deprive yourself of sugar. It is natural to go for a dessert portion once a week with your favorite chocolate. However, practice rigorous discipline during the rest of the week. Have a half a serving of sweetened yogurt and mix it with the same portion of plain yogurt. You can also add some fresh fruit to it for making it a healthy snack.

Consume Protein and Fats

Now, you may be surprised to see ‘fats’ on this list. In reality, healthy fats do a lot of good to our body. Protein bars and good fats will make up for a rapid rise and fall in your sugar level. While you are suggested to cut down on sugar, eating fats is equally important. Fats which are found in seeds, avocados, nuts and healthy oil like walnut oil or coconut oil also encourages you to cut down sugar from your diet.

Have More Salad and Raw Vegetables

Drink plenty of water and eat more of naturally sweet vegetables including green and red pepper with tomatoes to make a mouthwatering recipe of mixed vegetables. When you eat a serving of salads, you feel fuller and your cravings are curbed. This is why it is important to make a salad rather than eating unhealthy desserts which are packed with calories.

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