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The Most Addictive Foods You Should Avoid

by | Apr 9, 2015 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Even thinking about fresh-baked pastries and cookies can cause you to salivate. The smell of french fries and juicy cheeseburgers can wake you up in the middle of the night. These foods are unarguably hard to resist. It is because these are some of the most addictive foods.

The reason behind the addictive factor is the quantity of saturated fat and refined sugar in these foods. Humans have a natural craving for sugary foods and most addictive foods are loaded with sweetness. It’s clear that your brain tries its best to convince you to fulfill your cravings. Commonly, junk foods are regarded as unhealthy because of the amount of calories and lack of nutrients in them but there is another reason for that and it’s the addictiveness factor.

They are not only bad but also they are full of ingredients which compel you to eat more and when you fail to resist the temptations, you consume only empty calories that provide zero nutrients to the body. Here is the list of some of the most addictive foods you should avoid for staying healthy:

Fast Food

Nobody can deny that fast food is the major cause of the increase in obesity. However, it’s still not possible to cut down or eliminate it from the regular diet because most people are addicted to it. While you may think all you are eating is just sugar, salt and fats, there is a lot more to it as restaurants and eateries use a variety of additives and flavors to make it more appealing and so you can’t stop eating it.


Everyone loves chocolate but only a few people know that chocolate activates the same brain areas that are associated with the drug use. Chocolates provide the ultimate satisfaction and a sensational effect which convinces you to eat mindlessly without keeping count. Many people get into the habit of binge eating because of chocolates, and many eat them to cope with anxiety and stress.


Cheese includes a high protein found in milk called casein, which is highly addictive. It provides a similar effect to chocolate. Other than this, it is also used in range of recipes to enhance the flavor.

Greasy Food

Greasy foods have all sorts of unhealthy saturated fats that harm the body. The fat found in greasy foods stimulates the secretion of a mood altering neurotransmitter, dopamine. Regular consumption of greasy foods can cause a permanent change in the activity of the brain, making your body addicted to these foods.


Caffeine, which is part of beverages like coffee and tea, is so addictive that people feel dizzy and distracted if they don’t consume it. Caffeine is a strong stimulant that causes dependence if taken in large amounts over a short period. It may lead to serious addiction and you can actually suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you stop your caffeine intake.

These are some of the most addictive foods you should avoid. Completely cutting them from your diet is tough but you can start eliminating it slowly. Start consuming them in moderation and keep an eye on what you are eating. With constant practice, you can get rid of these foods easily.

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