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Even 1 of These 5 Healthy Eating Habits Will Improve Your Nutrition

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Healthy Eating Habits for NutritionAre your healthy eating habits where they should be this year? Particularly since you likely promised yourself that you would clean things up after the holidays came to an end. It can be difficult to suddenly attempt to integrate all new nutrition-based choices into your regular daily routine.  Fortunately, when you have the right focus, everything can get a lot easier.

Healthy Eating Habits that Make a Big Nutrition Difference

To make things even easier for you, we’ve put together a list five extremely achievable healthy eating habits.  These are beneficial enough that incorporating even one of them into your regular nutrition will make a difference. That said, the more of them you add – all at once or gradually over time – the more your body will thank you for the additional nutrients you’re sending its way.

Choose Your Healthy Eating Habits from This List

Now that you’re ready to take on more healthy eating habits, choose some exceptionally helpful ones from this list.

1 – Think of Food as Self-Care

Instead of thinking of your healthy eating habits in terms of controlling portions, calories, fats, proteins, carbs, etc, redirect your perspective. Stop trying to control yourself. It just doesn’t work over the long term, and it creates an attitude of challenge or battle. Instead, think of your food as self-care. Consider how it will nourish, energize, heal and sustain you. How will your food benefit you?

2 – Buy Lots of Dark Green Leafies (and Eat Them!)

Eat more dark green leafy vegetables, and you’ll automatically pack your meals and snacks with nutrients. They’re some of the best choices you can make for yourself. If you already love them, great! Eat bowls of salads filled with them or whip up some sauteed side dishes focusing on them. If you haven’t really found the dark green leafy veggies you love, start slipping them into other foods you do enjoy such as sandwiches, stir fries, soups and others. They tend to hide quite easily in there!

3 – Eat Smaller Meat Portions

You don’t need to become a vegan if you don’t want to. That said, for the sake of your nutrition, scaling back on the meat you’re eating can help to improve your overall nutrition. Keep your meat portions small – they really don’t need to be nearly as large as what the average American serves themselves – and make sure you’re having a meatless meal now and then throughout the week.

4 – Experiment with Herbs and Spices

The spice rack is the best friend of anyone with healthy eating habits. Spices and herbs can not only change the entire flavor of a dish – without the need for any added salt – but they can also add their own unique nutrition benefits!

5 – Don’t Aim for Perfection

Nobody has a perfectly nutritionally balanced diet every single day. The odds are that you don’t need perfection.  Aiming for it will only turn your healthy eating habits into hard work. Instead, aim for overall improvements and getting a good enough balance overall. Enjoy your food!

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