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Top Foods All Nutritionists Recommend

by | Dec 10, 2014 | Nutrition | 0 comments

You are what you eat: This is one of the most popular beliefs around. Without doubt, your mood, your energy, and your attitude all depend on the type of fuel you are running on. If you are feeding yourself carbohydrates and sugar-loaded foods, your body will not be able to perform well, and as a result you will feel lethargic and cranky all day long.

On the other hand, if you eat nutritious and healthy food, you will find that your body gets all the nutrients it requires to run at an optimum level. As a result of a healthy diet, you will feel on top of the world every day due to all the energy and positivity you have running through your body.

However, not all foods are created the same, so here is a list of the foods all nutritionists recommend:

Raw Foods

The raw food diet is based on a similar concept. Raw food holds the maximum amount of nutrients, and eating the food in its raw form thus provides the most benefit compared to cooking it. The raw foods you should eat include most fruits and vegetables that do not require cooking as well as nuts, spices, and seeds. When you eat food in its raw form, you are consuming all of the antioxidants, nutrients, and compounds that will be destroyed by cooking.

Almond Milk and Meal

Almond milk is healthier than regular milk as it contains about one-third of your daily calcium requirement as well as vitamin E. It also contains vitamin D and fatty acids that are essential for your body, which makes it one of the top foods all nutritionists recommend. It can be used in any way you use regular milk, and it is also lactose-free, which is good for people who cannot digest regular milk. Almond meal is a great substitute for white flour and wheat flour as well because it is healthier and does not have the harmful properties of regular flour. By simply substituting almond flour in your recipes, you can enjoy most of your favorite meals without the harmful effects.

Coconut Oil

Many people will be surprised to find this particular saturated fat on the list because of the popular belief that it is one of the most harmful fats and, as a result, should be avoided. Contrary to popular belief, the saturated fat is made entirely of medium-chain fatty acids, which are converted to energy through quick digestion. This makes medium-chain fatty acids an ideal type of fatty acid that is not converted to fat in the body. It is also filling and helps curb your cravings. Create your own chocolate at home by mixing honey, coconut oil, and cocoa powder together and freezing it until solid.

Herbs are another of the top foods all nutritionists recommend due to the fact that they are extremely low in calories and help in improving the flavor of food. By simply adding such foods to your diet, you can feel better, look better, and improve the quality of your life in no time.

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