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The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Nutrition | 0 comments

People have been drinking coffee for a long time. Many health professionals try to warn against too much coffee, saying it is bad for you or that the caffeine and added calories can do some bad things to your heart. But there really are a lot of benefits of drinking coffee in moderation each day. Here are some of the best benefits of drinking coffee that you are going to be able to see in your own life.

Reduces gallstones
The first of the benefits of drinking coffee you will see is it reduces gallstones. You will need to do this on a somewhat regular basis but it can really decrease this issue in both women and men.

Reduces Alzheimer’s disease risk
There have been two studies that have been done on this. They showed that those who drink the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee each day were much less likely to get this disease compared to those who did not have coffee. Whether this is from the caffeine or not is still unknown and it is probably not a good idea to get your amount from sports and energy drinks to avoid the disease.

Reduce your risk of Parkinson’s disease
The caffeine amount that is in coffee can be inverse to the amount of risk you have to Parkinson’s developing. What this means is that if you drink more coffee, you are less likely to get this kind of disease.

Fight off cancer
Coffee, even without the caffeine, has a lot of antioxidants that you will be able to use in your body, some of which are able to fight off cancer due to free radicals. You cannot find many foods with the right levels of these antioxidants and you can get them from either the caffeinated or the decaffeinated options.

Better thinking
Studies throughout time have showed that those who drink coffee are better able to score higher on ability tests, memory studies, IQ tests, and so much more. These effects, though, seem to be higher and more pronounced in those who are older, and also in women.

Gout risk decrease
A study followed more than 45,000 men over a span of 12 years and showed that the more coffee the men drank, the less likely they were to get gout at some point.

While these benefits of drinking coffee are great, you should remember that everything must be done in moderation. Drinking a whole can of coffee each day is not going to give you the benefits, but having a few cups a day can really help you out.

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