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The Pros and Cons of the 21 Day Fix Extreme Workout

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

The 21 Day Fix Extreme workout and diet are sold together in a package that contains various cups for measuring your foods, as well as two exercise DVDs and a schedule so you know how to use each of the various components.

This weight loss and fitness strategy was built on a formula that was initially created by Beach Body. The amount you are allowed to eat is based on your current weight. Each food group has a designated 21 Day Fix Extreme cup and your current weight tells you how many of the cups you’re allowed to fill with food you’ll eat.

This allows you to stop counting calories and weighing foods because the cups do all the work.

On the fitness side, the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout’s two DVDs are each broken down into thirty-minute segments. Each segment is different, focusing on Pilates, upper body, lower body, total body, cardio and others. The schedule that comes with the diet tells you the order in which these various workouts need to be completed.

As there are a large number of workouts, it means that the same actions are not being repeated every day so it may be less likely to become boring within a short period of time. Equally, this could present a greater challenge to some people who find it frustrating or difficult to be able to learn and keep up with a new workout routine.

Many people reviewing this strategy have stated that they like the fact that even though there may be a workout or two that they don’t enjoy very much, they don’t mind because they know they don’t have to do it every day so they can get it over with and move on to something else.

Because these are DVDs, it means that they can be completed within the home instead of having to go out and join a gym. For people who are not fond of the gym experience, this is a great way to obtain the workout desired without having to consult with a personal trainer or exercise in public.

That said, when the diet and workout are completed together, it’s important to note that this strategy is a time consuming – and potentially expensive – one. It requires Shakeology purchases and a great deal of meal planning and prep, which has turned off many dieters after the first while.

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