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Can Drinking Chocolate Milk Help Athletes Recover Faster?

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Chocolate Milk Helps Athletes RecoverThe Milk Council was happy to hear about the recent findings from a study they sponsored, which was conducted at the University of Texas. It turns out that drinking chocolate milk can actually help athletes recover more quickly than can water, sports drinks, and the like.

Can Athletes Recover Faster with Chocolate Milk?

Unsurprisingly, this exciting news is gaining a lot of momentum as fitness gurus everywhere are chugging the chocolate stuff in an attempt to feel better faster after a strenuous workout. Really, though, who doesn’t love some ice-cold chocolate milk?

Let’s take a closer look at what the research showed, keeping in mind that the study was indeed sponsored by the Milk Council which stood to benefit from positive findings from the University of Texas Researchers.  This is not to say that the research cannot be trusted.  Instead, it means that there is a risk of bias and that it should be taken into account when examining the results until the study can be replicated. It’s important to keep in mind that other studies have found that the benefits of this particular beverage aren’t that much greater than simply drinking water. More research is needed to know for sure.

Are You Serious?

Although it may seem too good to be true, the study conducted by the research team did show that drinking a certain quantity of chocolate milk can help athletes recover faster. This doesn’t mean that chocolate milk is the solution to all recovery challenges and needs, but that the research team was able to measure a statistically significant difference between the study participants who were using it as a part of their recovery strategy and among those who were not.

After the data was received, it looked very clear that this favorite treat beverage had some considerable potential for providing benefits along the way as athletes recover.  For instance, the researchers recorded that participants found that muscle pains and cramps were less of an issue.

Sure, chocolate milk may not be as effective as some of those expensive athletic recovery products, but among its easily seen benefits are the fact that it is readily available and far more affordable than those other products. Moreover, it’s also easier to understand what’s in it and how much of it should be considered an appropriate serving – one small carton. Not bad when you’re looking for something with scientific support to help your body bounce back quickly from your workout that was powered by the best energy and weight loss supplement you could find.

How Does This Work?

Chocolate milk is quickly becoming one of the most popular post-workout drinks, and the reasons why are quite clear. One of the main reasons why chocolate milk helps athletes recover more quickly is because it contains a substantial amount of protein per serving. On top of that, chocolate milk is a terrific source of healthy carbohydrates. It is a well-known fact in the fitness world (or, at least, it should be) that a balanced combination of proteins and carbs can help speed up the post-workout muscle recovery process.

What Do the Studies Say?

It turns out that chocolate milk is way more than just a delicious drink to be served hot or cold. Some proteins are better than others when it comes to muscle recovery, and studies have shown that the proteins contained in chocolate milk, known as caseins, can be better for the purpose than whey. Whey is commonly used to make powders and shakes, but it can have a load of unhealthy drawbacks.

Chocolate milk is not only delicious, but it also contains casein, which is absorbed by the body much more slowly than whey is—a great benefit for people who wish to lose more weight. On top of that, it can actually increase your endurance by up to 7 percent, according to more recent studies. All in all, chocolate milk helps athletes recover and so much more.

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