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How to Avoid Injuries When Practicing Yoga at Home

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Most people like to believe that yoga is an especially safe form of exercise—until they find themselves in severe pain. If you are not careful, you could really hurt yourself, which is probably not part of your fitness goals.

Participating in some sort of group exercise is one thing, but going at it alone can land you in some hot water if you don’t watch out. Protecting yourself and strengthening your body is what yoga is all about, so getting hurt defeats the purpose. For that reason, it is important for you to know how to avoid injuries when practicing yoga at home.

1. Take It at Your Own Pace

You might be doing yoga at home alone, but you are still probably using some kind of guided source to help you move from one position to another. This might be in the form of a video, an app on your phone, an audio tape, or even a book. Whatever the case may be, you need to know that going through the motions at your own pace is the best way to avoid injury altogether. Yoga is designed to improve your body’s condition, not make it worse. So, if you feel as though things are moving too quickly for you, just slow down and make the routine your own.

2. No Uncomfortable Positions

The typical yoga routine involves some rather odd-looking positions that you will be required to do, but there might be some moves that are just downright awkward. Perhaps you should avoid those, at least for the time being. As your body becomes more limber, you will be able to do it all; but for now, to prevent yourself from getting hurt, you might want to keep it simple. Doing yoga at home takes some finesse, but almost anyone can do it safely with enough preparation and caution.

3. Empty Your Stomach

Did you know that doing yoga at home on a full stomach is a no-no? It turns out that the best way to go about completing your yoga routine is to do it while your tummy is hollow, especially when you don’t have the privilege of an expert to assist you with cramps and pains. Doing yoga without any food in your belly will help you avoid such inconveniences, and it will also keep you from getting hurt because of an unbalanced center of gravity.

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