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Workouts Without Equipment That Get Your Body in Shape

by | May 7, 2016 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Gym equipment and memberships can be expensive. If you are tired of advertisements saying you need to buy a certain piece of equipment to achieve a fully toned body, rest assured, there are dozens of workouts out there that only require your arms and legs. Working out at home has countless benefits. Apart from saving money on gas and fuel, you also save precious time. And let’s be honest, nobody likes waiting in line to step on their favorite equipment. Here are a few workouts without equipment you can try right now whether you are travelling or just too lazy to hit the gym:

Body Weight Squats

Start your workout by performing body weight squats. Here’s how you can do so:

Spread your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and stand as tall as you can
Keep your arms straight in front of your body, keeping them at shoulder level. Your arms should be parallel to the floor.
Keep the torso as upright as you can, keeping your lower back slightly arched.
Now brace your abs and then lower back as far as you can by pushing your hips back while bending your knees.
Resume back to the starting position.
Do 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

Incline Pushup

Workouts without equipment are just as effective as regular workouts, if not better. Here’s how you can perform an incline pushup:

Start by adopting a pushup position on a raised surface.
Align your body to form a straight line, from your ankles to your head.
Keep your body as rigid as you can.
Lower your body until your upper arms start to sink below your elbows.
Pause and then slowly adopt the starting position as soon as you can.
Do 2-3 of 12-15 repetitions.

Side Plank
Next up, do side planks. The side plank is an easy exercise that does not require any sort of equipment.

Start by lying down on your right side with your knees stretched straight.
Raise your upper body on your right elbow and forearm.
Position your left hand on your left hip while sucking your stomach in as much as possible and hold it that way. This tightens your core while breathing.
Raise your hips until your body is in a straight line, starting from your ankles to your shoulders.
With your core still tight, hold the position for 30 seconds.
Roll on to the other side and repeat.
Do 2-3 of 12-15 repetitions.

The abovementioned workouts without equipment will help get you into shape in no time.

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