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Top 10 Workouts for Summer

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Summer is here and so is the need to stay fit. One of the greatest ways to burn fat is to go for outdoor training where you have abundant opportunities to run, sprint, throw around things and even show off your great figure. Training outdoors also helps you be in close contact with nature, allowing your lungs to fill up with pure and pollution-free air. Here is your guide to the top 10 workouts for summer that will guide you in keeping your body fit and healthy:

# 1 Hill Sprint Workout
This is an ideal workout for summer which allows you a strong metabolic exercise that helps you burn a considerable number of calories in a comparatively shorter time period. Hill springs can also act as strength training because our body is fighting gravity and strengthening as a result.

Hill sprints also enhance your running technique, speed and endurance for a hectic workout.

# 2 The Beach Workout
Go to the beach and put up eight cones in a single line, at ten-yard gaps. Start from the first cone station and work your way to the last. Repeat the circuit, two to three times. Sprint ladders will require just five cones. Rest for 15 seconds.

#3 The Park Workout
You don’t require any weights for this workout. The Park Workout was designed by celebrity trainer George Richard in an attempt to burn fat as quickly as possible and maximize functional strength to the most. You don’t need to take rest between the exercises and work yourself from slow to a fast speed.

#4 The Sandbag Workout
The Sandbag Program is aimed at improving athletic performance and building functional strength. This is Josh Henkin’s guide to a great workout. The plan has seven distinct moves to get you in the right shape.

#5 Jump Rope Workout
This is one of the best workouts for summer as it guarantees to make you sweat off the fatty cells in your body. It is great to enhance your coordination and athleticism.

#6 The Battling Rope Workout
The right way to perform this exercise is to do it in a pattern of circuit without taking any rest during the exercise. Go ahead with a total of five rounds with 30-second breaks in between.

#7 The Medicine Ball Workout
You are free to exercise as freely as possible with the Medicine Ball Workout. Try to maximize the number of rounds you do with this ball in a 10-minute time span.

#8 The Kettlebell Workout
Excluding the Dirt Digger Throws, attempt 10 reps of every exercise. The Dirt Digger Throws will require you to perform 5 reps, which is 1 round. Four rounds and then you can use a 20lb kettlebell.

#9 Resisted Sprint Workouts
When you are running and increase the speed and distance training volume, you overload your workout in a specified way which helps you lose weight, build muscles and boost speed.

#10 The Suspension Trainer Workout
This workout for summer will let you build complete body strength and ensuring your maximum activation when you exercise with the five-move suspension trainer.
These are the top 10 workouts for summer you can try and lose weight easily.

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