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Top Tips to Get Back Into Your Workout Routine

by | Jun 13, 2020 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Even when you love your workout routine, there are a lot of days in which you just don’t feel like doing it. You might be at your happiest as you walk briskly down the street breathing the fresh air and basking in the sunshine, but when it means that you need to drag yourself out of bed earlier or skip that half hour of TV, it can still be a tough sell.

Rebuilding Workout Routine Motivation

It’s amazing how something that can bring us so much joy and so many benefits can be difficult to keep up.  For many of us, once we get started with our fitness routine, we’re perfectly content to do it and complete it. However, the motivation to get up and get started is the main problem. We’re busy. We’re tired. Not to mention stressed.  This can make it difficult to do anything, including the things we enjoy.

Therefore, the key to getting back into your workout routine lies right there in your motivation levels.  This is different from willpower.  The steps you need to take to build up that motivation to get up and get moving on a regular basis are individual.  Those that work for you will be different from those that work for someone else.  It’s up to you to discover the techniques that will give you the drive to keep going.

Do you need to remind yourself of how much you enjoy it? Is it a matter of visualizing the outcome of keeping up your workout routine on a regular basis? Is there anything you can do to make your exercising more stimulating or less boring? Is the time of day you’re exercising the best one for making sure it gets done?

Check Out These Workout Routine Motivation Tips to Help You Out!

If you’re finding that you’re struggling to keep up with your fitness program or you’ve let your workout routine slide over the last little while, then you might find the following tips very helpful in putting yourself back on track.

Write it down

Add it to your daily schedule as you would for any important task or appointment. This helps to solidify it in your mind as an important activity that needs to get done.  For even more motivation, make it something you can check off or strike out.  Give yourself the reward of being able to check off that part of your schedule as complete.  This will not only remind you to do it, but it will give you that added push to get it done so you can see it completed on your schedule.

Start small

If you’re having a hard time thinking about going out for a 45-minute walk, then promise yourself 15 minutes, to start. Build from there. As you see how easy it is to work a 15 minute walk into your schedule, then you will realize that it doesn’t become any more challenging to do 20 minutes, or 25. Soon, you’ll either be up to the amount that you want, or you’ll at least be getting yourself up and moving for some time instead of doing nothing at all.

Break it up

If you can’t spare a half hour of your time all at once, break it up. You can still benefit from two fifteen-minute walks or even three then minute walks.  Don’t just stroll.  Use that time to its fullest, but the workouts really will add up and benefit you even when they’re small. You might find that they feel far more achievable and will work themselves into your day much more smoothly.

Get others involved

When you don’t want to let your buddy down by being the one to cancel the morning power walk, you’ll have far more drive to get up and moving in the morning. You’ll be providing your buddy with the same motivation, too. Time will also go by a lot faster when you’re exercising together, just because of the social element. Just make sure you’re relying on dependable people.  If you are the only one who shows up most of the time or if you find yourself working hard to constantly motivate your buddy to get moving, it might work against you.

Sign up for something

Whether it’s a race, a fancy dinner, a marathon, or some other type of specific event, sign up for something that will occur on a specific date and for which you will want to have either reached a certain weight or a certain fitness level. Having that date ahead of you will continually remind you of the importance of getting out and moving now, instead of waiting for some other time.

With these tips to motivate you and drive you forward to keep up your workout routine, you’ll be better able to stay on top of it and reap the rewards.

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