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Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Men

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

It seems like a lot of the weight loss tips that are out there are all geared towards women, but where are the weight loss tips for men? Often men are going to want to lose weight as well but the tips are not there. Here are some of the weight loss tips for men that you can try out.

1. Drink a protein smoothie—this will fill you up and prevent you from overeating when you are out.

2. No eating late—it is best to not eat anything after 9 at night. You should give a few hours for the body to finish digesting everything for the best results.

3. Park far away—whether it is the grocery store or somewhere else, make sure that you park on the other side of the parking lot. This forces you to walk and get in more exercise.

4. Allow a cheat day—have one day a week where you are able to take a break from the dieting and just have some fun. Eat something that you wouldn’t eat for the rest of the week to make it special.

5. Get exercise in on the weekends—there are a lot of excuses to not workout on the weekend, but when you add in a bit during this time, you will make it to your goal in no time.

6. Use some egg substitutes—these work well for making a complete meal without going out to eat and ruining your diet.

7. Have a stomach of fire—think of the stomach as a fire that you will need to add fuel to on occasion in order to keep it burning. If you feed it too much, it will burn out.

8. Work out once you are done with work—this helps to get it out of the way and will prevent you from eating as much when you go out with some friends that night.

9. Have the dressing to the side.– You can then dip the fork into the dressing before eating the salad. You will get the same taste with a lot fewer calories.

10. Use those stairs—stairs are a great workout that you can try without having to do that much extra. When you are heading to work, go up the stairs and you will be set with these weight loss tips for men.

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