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How to Love Your Body and Lose Weight at the Same Time

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

Love your body and lose weightThere’s a lot of conversation about how to love your body right now, particularly when it comes to certain subjects such as weight loss. That being the case, is it really possible to maintain positive self-image and self-love while trying to lose weight?

How to Love Your Body Even as You Change It

A lot of the discussion going on about weight loss is focusing on negative motivators to pursue it, such as body shame, diet culture, and unrealistic expectations based on digitally enhanced images online and in the media. That being the case, it can seem that if you love your body, you’d never want to change your bodyweight.

This isn’t the case – at least, not always. There is definitely a lot to be said about the topic of weight loss, but not all of it is negative. The truth is that for many of us, there are physical, mental and emotional benefits to be experienced from losing weight. It is possible to hold on to a strong sense of love for your body, even while you take steps to change it.

Looking at Your Motivation

Just as you should love your body just the way it is, there is no reason to feel shame or negativity if your wellness goals include changing it. You can want to lose weight while adoring who you are right now. The key is in your mindset and motivation.

It’s time to set aside attitudes of wanting to “fix” something that is wrong with yourself.  Instead, be loving toward yourself. Think of yourself as something to be cared for and nurtured. That will help to provide a foundation of body positivity that will support you and motivate you as you reach for new goals.

Embracing Body Positivity

Body positivity is a movement that has to do with respecting and enjoying your body just as it is. It has to do with abandoning the concept of an “ideal” or “perfect” type or form, and instead recognizing that everyone is unique and is beautiful for just that reason. This movement has been gaining a lot of steam as more people step back from chasing unhealthy and unrealistic goals and instead choose to love who they already are.

If That’s True, How Can You Love Your Body and Pursue Weight Loss?

There are many different views on this topic – far too many to delve into in detail in a single article. That said, the main point is that you can love your body and make a weight loss goal at the same time.

To do this, you need to make sure that the reason you’ve chosen to lose weight and the path you take to achieve this goal are both rooted in nurturing your health and wellness. Instead of focusing on making the change because you’re currently imperfect, you can aim for this new target as a part of taking care of yourself in new and respectful ways.

It can be very easy to slip into a body-negative mindset where you think of losing weight as a way to overcome what’s wrong with how you look, feel, or how others see you. It’s a perspective that has been ingrained in our culture for decades. However, it is increasingly falling out of date and is certainly not the only perspective.

You can choose to lose weight while still being able to love your body as you take on this goal as a part of making choices that will help you to feel better, support your wellness and break free from unrealistic beauty standards.

5 Tips to Love Your Body as You Lose Weight

To keep yourself on a body-positive track as you make lifestyle changes to lose weight, use the following 5 tips.

  1. Regularly return to your motivation and self-correct as needed.
  2. Find positive indicators of progress beyond a bathroom scale. Mood, energy levels, strength, blood pressure, and many other measures can provide you with far more helpful markers than a number on a scale.
  3. Make changes in terms of additions, not restrictions. Instead of trying to cut calories, slash fat, or eliminate junk food, think of all the great things you can add to your lifestyle. For instance, you’ll be adding fresh or frozen fruit to your breakfast and a salad to your dinner. You’ll add new cooking skills and a daily walk that boosts your mood and energy each day. You’ll prioritize sleep and enjoy the soothing effects of those regular meditations or yoga practices.
  4. Think long-term. When you stop thinking of weight loss as an attempt to reach a number goal, and instead think of it as a sustainable weight management lifestyle, you’ll be focused on making healthy choices for your wellness overall, instead of obsessing over each calorie you consume.
  5. Practice gratitude. It isn’t always easy to love your body at every moment. When that outfit doesn’t fit anymore, when you feel out of shape, or when you’re struggling with an injury, it can feel easier to grumble than feel grateful, but try it anyway. Despite challenges you’re struggling with, think about all the wonderful things your body does every day and acknowledge your gratitude for those things.

Be Kind to Yourself

Even when you’ve decided to love your body in your efforts to lose weight, it’s easy to find your mindset switching into old ways of thinking. This is particularly true if you’ve felt as though you have been struggling with your weight for a while now.

Be kind to yourself. When you realize you’ve slipped into old mindsets, simply acknowledge it without judgment and reset. Remind yourself of the true wellness reasons you’re doing what you’re doing.

Don’t forget that you’re not alone. Get support when you need it from friends, family, and even wellness-focused weight management forums.

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