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Top 5 Weight Loss Tips for Petite Women

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

It’s all well and good to read about hacks and strategies for losing fat, but weight loss tips for petite women don’t always look the same as those for taller counterparts. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re targeting the right strategies meant for people of your height.

To start, weight loss tips for petite women are geared toward you if you are female and are 5’4” or under. This is the “technical” designation for being petite in the United States and it usually means that you face your own unique challenges when you’re working to drop the pounds.

Regular diets often don’t cater to those unique needs. They are meant for women of a more average height and whose bodies don’t have the same calibration or limitations. This can lead many petite people to feel as though diets just don’t work for them. It can be very discouraging and can make it tough to keep up motivation over time.

Before you give up, have a look at these 5 handy weight loss tips for petite women and see if you can change your luck when it comes to losing the excess fat.

1. Don’t eliminate carbs – Allow yourself to enjoy some carbohydrates. Just make sure they’re the right ones. Healthy carbohydrates – particularly those found in fruits and vegetables – contain lots of water and fiber, which are great for losing weight and staying lean.

2. Pay attention to those extra bites – Remember that because you’re petite, every calorie has a bigger impact on you than it would on someone who is taller. Therefore, you need to pay attention to every bite you take. Don’t just mindlessly eat. If you are full at dinner, don’t eat that last bite or two just to finish the plate. Stop. Otherwise it will come back to haunt you.

3. Save high fat and high calorie foods as a rare treat – Use a nutrition tracker for a while and pay attention to your habits when eating higher calorie foods. Discover where they’re sneaking in and reduce their consumption when possible, in favor of lower calorie alternatives.

4. Eat big meals earlier in the day – There is a trend on the rise in which people eat their biggest meal at breakfast, a moderately sized meal at lunch and a small meal for dinner. Give it a try as it may be most advantageous to you as a petite woman.

5. Do some strength training – You can give yourself a significant fat burning advantage if you build some lean muscle on your body. Muscle is a natural fat burner, so the more you have of it, the more your body will burn een when you’re idle. So don’t just focus on cardio. Pick up some weights!

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