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What to Know About Weight Loss Nutrition When You Make Breakfast

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Nutrition | 0 comments

When you get up in the morning, weight loss nutrition may not be the first topic on the front of your mind.  However, choosing the right foods to eat can help to set you up for the type of day you want to have.  Think of your first activities of the day as the ones that will help to decide how you’ll be proceeding from then onward.

The Importance of Great Weight Loss Nutrition at Breakfast Time

Whether you’re complementing your first meal with keto diet pills, fuelling up for a workout or just making sure you won’t be starving by lunchtime, breakfast plays an important role in the first half of your day. Choosing the right weight loss nutrition can help you to feel energized, support your body’s digestion and fat burning, and keep you healthy overall.

Yes, breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day, but whether or not you eat it doesn’t necessarily decide if you’ll be able to burn body fat.  There is substantial debate over what it can do for you.  This article isn’t meant to tell you that you should absolutely eat breakfast to reach your dieting goals.  A growing body of research is showing that while some people do better when they eat breakfast, other people do better when they wait until mid-morning or closer to lunch.

Therefore, for the purposes of this article, the weight loss nutrition at breakfast you’ll be reading about has to do with the first meal you eat, whenever that happens to be.  It’s in reference to the start you’re giving yourself in terms of food, not in terms of the time you eat when compared to when your alarm woke you up.

Follow Your Hunger Cues

To best understand your need for weight loss nutrition at a certain time of the day, follow your hunger cues.  If you wake up and can wait several hours before eating, do so. If you are starving the moment your eyes pop open, it’s mealtime.  There is one important factor that you should take into consideration beyond your hunger cues.  If you will be doing anything physical or facing extreme temperatures, it’s important to hydrate and have at least a little something beforehand.

Regardless of what you read from extreme dieters or extreme bodybuilders, intense exercise or dealing with extreme temperatures on an empty stomach places your body at a health disadvantage. This doesn’t mean that you need to have a steak dinner before that early morning run, but even a very light snack can make a big difference to your energy level, strength and performance. It can reduce your risk of weakness, underperforming and fatigue.


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