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Are Wearable Fitness Devices Good for Weight Loss?

by | May 26, 2016 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

This year, more than ever before, wearable fitness devices have become a mainstream technology meant to help people track their health, fitness and weight loss progress. That said, if you do a quick search for a fitness band, it takes only a few seconds to discover that this is no longer a tiny market with just one or two options from which to choose.

There is a huge range of wearable fitness devices, each with their own features, accuracy levels and price tags. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider what you want to achieve through the use of the fitness band before you choose a Fitbit, Misfit, Jawbone, Garmin or other option. That step – aside from deciding on your budget – is likely the most important decision you can make because the wearable tech on its own won’t cause you to lose weight.

Instead, your ability to lose weight with the help of wearable fitness devices is entirely up to you. Are you using this tool as a motivator and tracker or is it being left in a drawer instead of being worn all day? Will you actually use it to set goals and continue to achieve them or will it be unimportant to you if you fall short by a few hundred steps each day?

While it is estimated that about 10 percent of adults in the United States currently own a fitness tracker, some data has also shown that around 30 percent of those devices stop being used within a span of six months from having purchased it.

To make the device actually work for you, it is important to take the right approach when choosing and using it. Here are some tips to help you out.

Be realistic – don’t set your goals too high or too low. Think about what you can realistically do and adjust the goals programmed into your device to help to motivate you without expecting yourself to do too much or allowing yourself to do too little.

Remind yourself – be committed to your goal and let your wearable technology be a reminder of that each day. When you put the device on in the morning, think about what you want to accomplish and give yourself the drive to actually do it. Visualize the accomplishment and you’ll find yourself feeling more inclined to achieve it.

Pay attention to eating, too – many fitness trackers come with apps that will not only allow you to track your activity but also your food consumption. Get the most out of your weight loss potential by using both features!

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