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Rock-Solid Ways to Stay Healthy and Keep Your Sanity as You Stay-At-Home

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Health | 0 comments

Unless you’ve already been living as a hermit in a mountain for the last few years, the stay-at-home order has hit your sense of normalcy pretty hard. In fact, for most of us, everyday life is unrecognizable now from what it was before the pandemic got its name. Hang on to that last dangling thread of sanity, there’s still hope.

This 6-part survival guide was created to make sure you’ve got the essentials in place for staying healthy and keeping it together while you stay-at-home and isolate from the rest of humanity.

It was designed to help us follow the recommendations for staying healthy, flattening the curve and avoiding spreading COVID-19 through social distancing and staying at home, without going completely bananas along the way.

Click the links below to visit each section of the guide for the ultimate healthy stay-at-home strategy:

>>Building Your Best Breakfast<<

>>Love Your Limited Ingredient Lunch<<

>>Ultimate Comfort Dinner to Dine Your Stress Away<<

>>Personalized Home Exercise Videos to Get or Stay Fit<<

>>How to Keep Stress Under Control During These Uncertain Times<<

>>How to Get Some Sleep When Your Brain is On High Alert<<

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