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Lifting Weights Is Key to Reducing Belly Fat

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Having the ability to lose a significant portion of belly fat just by lifting some weights is very possible, but only if you know what you are doing. Indeed, gaining an understanding of the value of a good weight-lifting session can ultimately help in reducing belly fat in a person once and for all.

How Does Lifting Weights Help Lose Belly Fat?

Although there are several different ways to shed unwanted fat from the abdominal region successfully, doing so by lifting weights has several unique advantages. Let’s explore them now!

Amped-Up Metabolism

For one, lifting weights is key to reducing belly fat because it works to increase a person’s energy stores, which thereby optimizes his or her metabolic rate. While building lean muscle by lifting weights, a person can burn off a significant amount of otherwise useless energy, and the benefits don’t stop after the workout is done. In fact, continual fat-burning typically takes place in the bodies of people who lift weights on a regular basis. By promoting optimal body system functioning, safely lifting weights therefore becomes essential to reducing belly fat in any real or permanent way.

Concentrated Fitness

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of lifting weights is that resistance training can also foster noticeable improvements in those hard-to-reach or highly targeted areas of the body. However, using outdated and ineffective “spot reduction techniques” is never a good idea. Reducing belly fat is a whole lot easier when you understand how lifting weights actually improves the condition of your entire body. In order to use weight lifting as a successful means of reducing belly fat, it is advised by the American Council on Exercise that it be combined with adequate cardio and a low-calorie eating plan.

Calorie Consciousness

Last but never least, you need to remember that you are what you eat and that your caloric intake plays a huge role in your ability to shed unwanted fat on your belly. On average, one pound of fat requires the burning of 3,500 calories, and those who have more weight to lose will lose it quicker than those who do not. Reducing belly fat is only possible when enough calories are burned during physical activity, and weight lifting provides enough resistance to accommodate this need.

Note: Although weight lifting is definitely key to reducing belly fat, you should still talk to your doctor if you are unsure as to whether or not weight lifting is right for you, since you could sustain severe or permanent injury from being ill-prepared.

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