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The Scientific Reason for Emotional Eating

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Nutrition | 0 comments

All of us have had those times. We are going through a lot of stress at work or we lose someone who is close to us, and we resort to emotional eating. We know that this is not a good thing to do and we are not hungry, but we just cannot stop eating more and more due to emotional eating. But now there is some evidence to show that this type of eating may be caused by some hormones that are getting messed up in your body during these stressful times.

Some researchers from the Monell Chemical Senses Center found that there are some hormones that are going to be activated only when you are stress. This hormone, known as glucocorticoids, or GCs, will be secreted when you are feeling stressed out from anything that is going on in your life.

These hormones will get to the body receptors and can even sway the choices that you make with certain tastes.

This is why you might choose to go with something that is really sweet when you are emotional eating rather than reaching for an apple or something else that is healthy for you. The food is going to taste so much better when you are stressed out and you are more likely to go for these unhealthy choices, and more of them, when you feel stressed out.

When you have the highest level of these receptors, you are going to be really sensitive to savory and sweet tastes and these could be up to 77 percent more sensitive when you are stressed out compared to when things are calm and collected.

So when you are dealing with a lot of stress, no matter what the reason might be, you will start to crave the savory and sweet things that you would normally avoid. This is also why it is not recommended that you get started on a diet when you are stressed out because you are pretty much setting yourself up for failure with this.

The best way to lose weight is to make sure to lower the amount of stress that you are feeling. This will reduce the amount of this hormone that you are feeling so you will not crave bad foods as much or rely on emotional eating. When the stress is under control, it is much easier to lose the weight that you want to.

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