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The Top Post-Workout Foods for Increased Energy and Muscle Growth

by | Apr 9, 2015 | Nutrition | 0 comments

During and after a workout, the body breaks down the glycogen present in muscle as well as other protein structures in the tissues. Because this breakdown consumes a lot of energy, after the workout you will feel exhausted and running low on glucose. This is why it is important to eat healthy post-workout foods that provide instant energy and assist in muscle growth.

The body after the workout is tired and if you don’t consume anything, then it can also cause serious muscle injury. Muscles need nutrition after an exercise session since the muscles become broken and need proper repair and maintenance.

Other than this, you also need post-workout foods to grow extra muscles in the body. In order to achieve this, all you need to do is eat an adequate amount of carbs that support insulin release. Insulin is required because it converts amino acids into muscle mass.

Following are the top post-workout foods that will fulfill all your carb and protein needs:

Whey Protein

During the production of cheese, a special protein is separated from the curd, which is called Whey. It is loaded with fats and lactose. It makes a good post-workout food as it is absorbed within minutes and fulfils the amino acid requirement of the muscles. It promotes the growth of muscles by increasing lean muscle mass and boosting strength. Other than this, it also reduces fat accumulation and increases the secretion of growth hormones.

Fruit Salad

Fruits are rich in carbohydrates and enzymes, which promote the breakdown of nutrients in the body. The quick breakdown causes the release of nutrients in the bloodstream instantly, nourishing the tired and damaged muscles. The choice of fruits in the fruit salad can deliver other health benefits, such as pineapples, which can reduce inflammation and assist in muscle recovery.


Eggs are the best food for consuming after a workout as they are rich in nutrients and low in calories. They provide lots of proteins and in addition contain plenty of vitamin D. Both these nutrients help you gain energy and muscles.


Bananas are among the best raw and natural post-workout foods. They are loaded with good carbs that instantly increase the level of glycogen in the body. Glycogen is essential for revitalizing your body and repairing the damaged muscles swiftly. Besides this, bananas are also an excellent source of potassium.

Whole-Grain Pita & Hummus

Pita and hummus are both a meat-free option and can be prepared with ease. You can add chickpeas and other raw vegetables to enhance the flavor without caring for the calories. Hummus and pita contain a large amount of protein and carbs. Pita is beneficial as a post-workout food because of the slow-release carbs, so you can gain energy long after you have consumed it.

These natural foods provide quick nourishment and help in muscle growth. Natural food choices are always better than supplements. They also keep your body healthy and fit without any side effects. So the next time you are tired after a workout, try one of these and see how quickly you become revitalized.

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