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Getting Long, Lean Muscles with Pilates

by | Apr 24, 2014 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

It’s not a new fitness trend but it seems to have recently caught on with the mainstream, and that’s why Pilates has become so popular. This is not your typical form of exercise and perhaps it’s that innovative approach that works for so many people.

This is an entirely new exercise regimen for many that doesn’t even feel like exercise. Many find that they really enjoy this not only for the results that it gives, but also for the way that it helps to relax them. So if you are looking for a nice body change and a way of relaxing, then this may be just the right exercise regimen for you.

What makes Pilates so very effective is that it works to create a long, lean, and sculpted body. When you perform the different exercises within this type of workout it asks you to think of how to lengthen and strengthen the body. So you may be focusing on the core specifically, but you are bringing the whole body into it. You are thinking of how to lengthen the body as you move through each exercise. So just because you may be working on the legs, you are lengthening the whole body with each movement. This adds to a really powerful and effective overall routine that ends up changing your approach and outcome.

A New Approach That Gets You True Results

What so many people really enjoy about Pilates is that it doesn’t feel like your typical workout either. You aren’t sweating it out as you do with cardio, but you still get in this component as you move from one movement to another quickly with little transition. This isn’t like your typical strength training workout as you aren’t necessarily lifting weights, but you still get in that component quite well. As you lengthen the body you are adding strength. As you hold each pose and move through the routine you are adding cardio, flexibility and strength. Yet it’s such a unique and welcome approach to all of this!

Pilates works well to complement other workouts or it can stand alone. This can really help to take the body in a whole new direction and shows results rather quickly. This is based on a solid platform that shapes the body in a whole new way, and therefore asks the body to change quickly and effectively. You will feel amazing with each workout and want more, and that is what draws so many people in. A whole new approach, a different way of working out, and some effective change are what make Pilates a workout that is here to stay for the long term!

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