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How to Tell if the Paleo Diet is Right for You

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Nutrition | 0 comments

The paleo diet is a popular choice lately, but how do you know if the paleo diet is right for you? This is an exceptionally simple question to answer because it depends on what you like to eat. If you are into legumes and dairy of any kind, then this won’t be the diet for you.

Dairy and legumes are avoided on the paleo diet; but if you are a person who likes organic meat that is raised humanely and not processed, then you are in luck because organic meat is a staple of the paleo diet. If you love fruits, nuts, and seeds, then you are certainly able to sustain yourself on this diet because such foods comprise the bulk of paleo fare.

Who Should Follow the Paleo Diet?

If you have low energy and are looking to balance your blood glucose, then this is the diet for you. Most people constantly eat foods that their bodies have difficulty tolerating, like dairy and soy products. This is a bummer for tofu and cheese lovers.

Science is learning that brain fog and other brain and neurological issues are a symptom of gluten intolerance as well as other food sensitivities. This diet will free you of such issues. Corn is one of the problematic foods, which may come as a shock to many Americans, especially. If you are experiencing low energy and brain fog, then the paleo diet should kick you right out of it.

The paleo diet is right for you if you have digestive issues. You should feel normal and have more energy after a meal instead of experiencing flatulence, burping, or digestive pain. This diet will straighten you out in such regards as well.

Moreover, a paleo diet can purge autoimmune diseases and stop the body from attacking normal cells. The paleo diet will actually help your cholesterol levels–yes, even though it is full of fat! Excess sugars absent from a paleo diet contribute to cholesterol issues. This diet will also help manage your diabetes, low blood sugar, or any blood pressure issues.

The paleo diet is appropriate and healthy for most people. Living without dairy, soy, and legumes may seem a fair trade to most people if it means eliminating or reducing many leading causes of disease and death. Paleo is the simplest way of eating; just remember not to undermine the diet’s benefits by eating non-organic foods.

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