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Should You Be Taking Organic Vitamins?

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Multivitamin supplements are something that some people can use to help to fill in the blanks when it comes to providing themselves with complete nutrition. When a doctor has recommended these tablets, many patients find themselves facing the debate between synthetic and organic vitamins. This is something that most individuals don’t even consider until they find themselves faced by dozens of options at the drugstore or health store, without knowing the answer.

If you’ve discovered that a multivitamin or individual supplements are appropriate for you, then it is a good idea to consider what synthetic and organic vitamins have to offer (and what they don’t have to offer).

According to most doctors and nutritionists, the difference between organic vitamins and synthetic ones may not be as large as you think. In fact, most essentially say that the one you choose is based on your own personal preferences and not necessarily on which one is better than the other.

Still, if you are hoping to know what the difference actually is between these two types of vitamin in order to decide which ones you’d prefer, then your first step is to speak with your doctor and the next one is to provide yourself with a bit of education with regards to what each term means.

Synthetic supplements are those that are made from substances created in a lab. On the other hand, organic tablets are made out of substances that are also considered to be food. These often come with labels that identify them as “natural”, as well. Many people prefer to take substances that are made out of food as opposed to those that have been created by scientists.

That said, the University of California, Santa Barbara’s ScienceLine claims that the body uses both synthetic and organic supplements in the same way, so it is merely a matter of which one you would rather take, price and other factors that don’t necessarily have to do with safety and effectiveness.

Synthetic vitamins do tend to come with a smaller price tag than organic ones. Furthermore, synthetics will often come in a format that can be taken one time per day instead of several times per day, as is the case with many natural supplements.

Still many people find that taking the several smaller doses of the organic option is better tolerated by their bodies than the larger doses of the synthetics that are taken all at once. It is all a matter of determining which one works best for your budget, expectations and your unique body.

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