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Olympic Weightlifting Workouts That Burn Tons of Calories

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Have you been inspired by the Olympians in Rio this summer? Do you want to bring out your inner athlete? Then check out the Olympic weightlifting workouts below, and incorporate these exercises into your gym routine so you can burn tons of calories.

The Clean Pull Exercise

It’s likely that you’ve already practiced doing deadlifts, and the clean pull is a lot like a deadlift. However, in this workout, you’ll actually pull the bar as high as possible. Practice the movement first to avoid falling beneath the bar.

Start by keeping the arms slightly bent. Have the bar close to the body. Don’t utilize the biceps; instead, use the energy in your hips, knees, and ankles to move the bar up. Engage the hamstrings and the lats before moving the bar off the ground. Don’t allow the bar to drift forward as you pull it. Control the bar, and use light weights to start and to establish proper form.

The Front Squat Exercise

Another one of the many Olympic weightlifting workouts is the front squat. To perform the front squat, you’ll need to begin performing front squats while holding the bar in your hands and keeping the elbows pointing forward. Try to bring the elbows to shoulder level, but make sure you have enough mobility to hold the bar there.

Be sure to squat down all the way so that the hip hinge will be below the knees. Get under the bar fast. Then keep the spine neutral and the chest up without rounding forward.

The Push Press Exercise

With the push press, you can use momentum that comes from the legs to lift a bar over your head. Be comfortable with having the weight above your head first. Once you get used to this exercise, you’ll build stable, strong shoulders and core muscles.

Start by grabbing the bar with the hands slightly wider than the shoulders. Begin the movement with a dip in the knees, and push up with the legs. Move the energy into your shoulders and arms to lift the bar and get a full extension.

The next time you’re at the gym, try one of these Olympic weightlifting workouts. Start with just the bar first to ensure you’ll be able to achieve the safe, proper form required to get the most out of the workout without injuring yourself. If you’re counting the calories that you burn, you should notice an increase in the number, especially if you’re also using a product like FenFast 375.

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