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How This New Social Fitness Site is Helping To Stop Global Hunger

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

A new social fitness site is making a stir, as media headlines have discovered that while it helps its users to eat better, it’s doing the same thing for the rest of the world. is motivating its users to eat more healthfully and to exercise regularly in several ways. Among the most fascinating is a points system that allows users to apply their own positive behaviors to making a difference in the rest of the world.

Among the main challenges many users of a social fitness site have is in keeping it up. Yes, they’re a highly beneficial tool for keeping track of your nutrition and fitness.

They boost accountability and awareness of a person’s own habits. However, they don’t do much good unless they’re used. To keep users coming back, has taken on a global hunger stopping initiative.

After all, if your activity on a social fitness site could help to make sure a hungry person will have a meal, wouldn’t you be more likely to keep track of your meals and how long you power walked today?

Healthy Weight Loss RoutineEvery time a user “shares” on this site, that is, updates his or her account with meal tracking, physical activity, participation on one of the forums or even sharing their own progress over social media such as Facebook and Twitter, points are earned. Those points are accumulated and are converted into donations to amazing charities designed to stop global hunger.

Among those charities include: No Kid Hungry (through the Share Our Strength charity) and Food Corps. The first is a charity designed to ending childhood hunger in the United States through nutrition programs, school breakfasts and summer meals. The second is a charity that works with local leaders across the U.S. to bring children and healthful foods together, working at both the state and community level.

These charities are supported in addition to four others dedicated to health, fitness and the reduction of obesity.

Motivation abounds on as site users remind themselves that by tracking their own healthful eating, they’re making sure children across the country will have access to nutritious food. The website uses the member’s social conscience to encourage greater participation.

Members can only benefit from taking part. They keep up their own fitness and nutrition goals, help children with theirs and all through an online portal that is free and very simple for anyone to use.

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