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What You Can Expect to See on New Food Labels

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Nutrition | 0 comments

You may have heard a lot about the new food labels that are coming out. Just as there were changes in the past that helped us to become more-educated consumers, the trend toward more information, and more accurate information, continues.

If you thought that you knew everything about what you were eating before, think again. Some people have found traditional food labels to be confusing or even misleading. This is understandable and, therefore, we must really start to focus on what it takes to be our best. The food labels that we will see in our future will really help us to be in full control over what we eat.

One of the first things that you can expect to see on new food labels is appropriate and understandable serving sizes. This is a major issue, particularly within the United States, and therefore a very important measure. The problem is that a lot of Americans tend to overeat on a regular basis. They may think that they are doing all the right things, but then they sit down to a meal and eat far too much. What these new labels will do is to show beyond the shadow of a doubt just how much you are eating at a time. So while it may have been confusing before as to what made up a portion, there will be no disputing it now. Then you can understand if the food is really worth it, and you won’t be deceived into overindulging on a supposedly low-calorie or low-fat option.

An Accurate Snapshot to Help You Make Better Choices

Another thing that you can expect to see on new food labels is exactly what is found within the food. There will no longer be the masking of preservatives under alternative names. There will be very specific ingredient lists that will help you to see beyond anything else what is found within the food that you eat. If you opt for a natural and healthy food, then this won’t be an issue as the ingredient list will be short. If however you opt for something that you think is healthy and you see a long list of unrecognizable ingredients, chemicals or preservatives, then you may think twice before eating it.

The new food labels may seem unnecessary to a few highly informed consumers, they will be helpful to the majority of people. We can become truly educated consumers and understand at a glance what we are eating and what food options mean for us. You will see more detailed information on fat, calories, fiber, and nutrients. Seeing the ingredients and what a particular food choice represents in a snapshot can really help you to make educated decisions. You will be able to be your healthiest and best, and that in turn will be what lies at the basis of good food choices. Be sure to read these new labels and then decide accordingly!

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