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Exciting New Fitness Tech Unveiled at the CES 2019

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

If you weren’t convinced that new fitness tech is absolutely huge (what rock have you been living under?) then CES 2019 is sure proof enough to convince anyone who thought this was a passing fad. The Las Vegas event was an absolute hit and had an extreme focus on next-generation innovations for consumers hoping that their future will be a fit one.

There were an estimated 180,000 people who travelled to Vegas for this event. New fitness tech unveilings were easily a prime draw for many of those visitors. Across the 4,400 companies exhibiting across the 2.75 million square feet of the convention, it was certainly the place to be to see what is coming up in the future of wearable technology and workout companion technology.

What New Fitness Tech Should You Get Excited About?

Most of the large wearable technology companies were in attendance – aside from Apple, which hasn’t attended in years because it holds its own exclusive events. Even without that brand, there was a great deal to make noise about in the new fitness tech category. Check out some of the most covered brands and what they had to reveal.

  • Alibaba and Intel – These two giants are working together at the 2020 Olympics, where they will provide 3D athlete tracking technology.
  • Doppel – This brand unveiled a device by the same name that beats to the rhythm of your actual heartbeat in real time. This way, you’ll feel how you’re doing during your workout, but you’ll also be able to know when to focus on calming down.
  • Halo Sport 2 – This wearable technology is designed to provide consumers with a new neuropriming option, only in a more affordable way than what is currently available in this market.
  • Hawx Connected – This new fitness tech is focused more specifically on skiers. It is a technology worked into a ski boot to function as a tracker and instructor at the same time.
  • Omron – This company launched its HeartGuide, which comes with both a blood pressure monitor and an EKG monitor to help keep on top of health.
  • Muse – This brand has unveiled its Softband, which offers users a guided meditation to help them to sleep. Sleep has become a prime focus in the health, fitness and weight loss markets as most Americans are now sleep deprived and it is causing harm in those three categories.
  • HeartBit – This unique new fitness tech is in the form of a shirt you wear, with medical-grade ECG technology worked into the clothing.

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