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Michelle Obama Healthy Weight Tips

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

Here we will discuss Michelle Obama healthy weight tips. Michelle Obama, our first lady has spearheaded many health and weight loss programs including many geared towards eradicating obesity in children. Here are some tips that she has stood by in those programs and wishes to share with the public. These tips are geared toward everyone.

This is not about getting thin but actually getting healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. The best way to be in good health is to maintain the proper weight for your height and age. It is an idea we have not really gotten in the West in a long time because we have been taught that “thin is in” and driven out children into eating disorders and the like. We have also come to the opposite side of the spectrum and gotten not only overweight but obese. We have a polarized nation which cannot seem to strike a healthy balance between too thin and obese.

We have children that are age 10 and already suffering from diabetes type 2 because of the bad socialization with food down to what is being served in school cafeterias. We know that it is just so much common sense that is just not being instituted in the home and the schools as well as aftercare programs that take place at the schools.

Michelle Obama Healthy Weight Tips:

Michelle says counting calories is a restrictive thing. She likes to have her weight at a certain level and she doe this by eyeballing it. She looks at herself and will gaige what she needs to do to maintain it. She doesn’t like to live counting every calorie.

Michelle works out at the gym very early in the morning like 4:30 or 5:00 am. She may meet her husband there or he arrives shortly after. She feels that working out regularly is one of the things that prevents obesity. Working out in the morning after waking is what will boost metabolism and also clear the mind and get the blood flowing so you can tackle the day.

She eats several small meals a day. 5 to 7 small ones to be able to keep blood glucose and energy up along with spiking that metabolism. She needs her energy and is recommending this ritual to anyone who wants to stay alert for a hard day at work or study.

Resistance train and do some kind of cardio for at least 20 minutes a day several days a week but no less than three. This is a way to maintain the weight you have and also lose the extras you may have put on here and there.

Michelle Obama healthy weight tips are simple common sense things that anyone can do–even the first lady.

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