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Lower Bad Cholesterol with Avocados

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Nutrition | 0 comments

As it’s such a common health problem these days, turning to natural methods to help lower bad cholesterol has become commonplace.

Though you might not think that an elevated LDL level is a big problem, it can lead to even bigger health problems down the road. If you have a family history of high cholesterol, particularly the bad type or LDL, then you should consider the foods that you eat and the lifestyle that you lead. Though health experts already knew and accepted avocados as a super food, they are being looked at in a whole new way. Though eating an apple a day may keep the doctor away, eating an avocado away may help to keep the high cholesterol away!

When you eat avocados you help to lower bad cholesterol in one of the most natural and effective ways. Health experts have long recognized the power of the avocado in combating health problems, but the newest studies are showing a whole new side to this super food. What avocados contain is the “good” type of fat known as Omega 3 fatty acids. Sure avocados do happen to be higher in fat and come at you with a whopping 250 calories per serving, but they offer nutrients that are too hard to ignore. It is these Omega 3 fatty acids that go to work at lowering elevated LDL levels of cholesterol, and also helping to prevent heart disease and other related problems.

Avocados May Provide Amazing Help As Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

What you must keep in mind when turning to avocados as a way of helping to lower bad cholesterol is that they can’t work alone. As you allow yourself this truly good fat, you have to swap out calories elsewhere to accommodate it. Cut out something else to ensure that this entry of calories, albeit good, won’t cause a negative effect. Also keep in mind that though avocados are powerful, they can’t work alone. You must also offset the power of avocados with a balanced diet and regular exercise. If you can keep this in mind and then eat an avocado each day mixed in with other healthy foods, then you may never have the need for cholesterol lowering medication—and that’s excellent news for all!

So if you are looking for a natural way to help lower bad cholesterol then look no further than avocados. Though health experts have long been promoting the great power of this super food, the profound effect it can have on bad cholesterol is deeper than anyone thought. Do be sure to substitute out some unneeded calories to accommodate this, and then let the good fat do its job. If you can enjoy this amazing super food as part of a healthy lifestyle, then you may lower your LDL levels by as much as 8 points over the course of a month or so. This is well worth a try as part of a healthy lifestyle, and may help you to lower the bad cholesterol and embrace healthy living in a whole new way.

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