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The Benefits of Low-Impact Exercises

by | Jul 29, 2014 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Being able to work out is important to optimizing your overall health, but still you need to be performing exercises that are tough enough to be effective. Because of this, low-impact workouts have gotten a bad rap as being useless for serious fitness enthusiasts.

Contrary to popular belief, however, there are several useful benefits of low-impact exercises. Those who regularly do these types of workouts are not only usually in great shape but also happy and healthy people overall.

Gentle on Those Fragile Joints

One great thing about low-impact exercises is that they do not wreak havoc on your joints, at least not as much as high-impact workouts do. This is surely great news for people who have arthritis or injury, but it should also be considered important to those who simply want to preserve their joint health for the long run. Low-impact workouts can help you to achieve your fitness objectives without ruining your chances of being fit for the future. In addition, activities such as swimming, riding an elliptical machine, or doing yoga are all greatly beneficial to your health overall.

Noticeable Fitness Results

As mentioned, one of the benefits of low-impact exercises is that you can still achieve your fitness goals without wrecking your body in the process. There really is no rule that says you must “go all out” to become fit; and that old adage that says, “No pain, no gain” went out the window alongside starving yourself to lose weight. You can still get into great shape by doing some effective low-impact exercises on some sort of a regular basis. If you’re not sure which workouts to do, simply ask a trainer what he or she suggests.

Perfect for People with Disabilities or Limiting Health Conditions

Just because your body puts limits on the things you can do does not mean that you can do nothing. The fact of the matter is, low-impact workouts can be ideal for those who have some sort of disability or a relatively limiting health condition. It is even great for people who are elderly. Perhaps the best benefit of low-impact exercise is that it can be done by anyone, but it is especially useful to those who find it difficult to keep up with other people at the gym.

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