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How to Order a Lighter Dunkin Donuts Drink to Save Major Calories

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Are you looking for a lighter Dunkin Donuts drink to let you enjoy your favorite coffee shop without the calories? It can feel like a challenge when you’re looking at tons of donuts and are thinking about adding cream and flavoring to your coffee. That said, if you choose the right options, you can still enjoy your selection without putting a stop to your weight loss.

The funny thing is that it’s not actually that difficult to find a lighter Dunkin Donuts drink. It certainly isn’t the most low-cal and nutritious place to eat and drink all the time, but it’s not that bad, either. You can definitely take a safe trip to this coffee shop now and again without throwing your diet off track.

Consider the following lighter Dunkin Donuts drink choices the next time you find yourself in one of their locations.

Black coffee or water – either of those options will give you a great beverage without any calories at all. If you love their coffee, then drink it freshly brewed without anything added. You can have as many as you want without hurting your waistline – though you may get the jitters after a while unless you choose decaf!

Unsweetened iced tea – This option will give you a refreshing beverage at only 5 calories. Again, you could essentially drink as many of these as you want during the day without causing any harm to your dieting efforts.

Iced latte made with skim milk – if you choose a skim option, your fancy iced latte will add only 80 calories to your daily count. It’s about the same as a light snack, so you don’t have to feel guilty even if you enjoy one every afternoon.

Sweetened iced tea – another 80 calorie choice, this one will be a good option for you if you have a sweet tooth and are craving a beverage with a bit of a sugary taste.

Hot Latte made with almond milk – if you want a hot latte, then choose the almond milk and you’ll find that you’ll have a rich, earthy warm beverage ringing in at only 80 calories.

Hot caramel latte lite – another favorite for your sweet tooth at 80 calories, this lighter option gives you that warm sugary taste without the caloric punch.

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