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How to Master Difficult Inversion Poses in Yoga

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Mastering inversion poses in yoga can make you flip, literally. Although you want so badly to perform yoga poses successfully, it can sometimes seem like an impossible task to do what your instructor asks. Don’t lose your cool just yet, though.

There are some things you can do to master those difficult poses that have you and your body stumped. Inversion poses are an essential part of the complete yoga package, and you don’t have to miss out on their benefits. Just listen up!

What Is the Point of the Inversion Pose?

It is important to get really good at those tough inversion poses in yoga, and the reasons why are quite clear once you stop to think. Placing your heart in a position that is physically higher than your head (such as in a headstand) can alleviate back pain, for one. For two, it is a great way to target your core muscle groups and finally gain that toned stomach you always wanted. Inversion poses in yoga are designed to help your body function better overall through the use of smooth and gentle positions that are not always easy to perform without help or practice.

How Do I Get Better?

Inversion poses in yoga are easier to master than you might think. As with everything that is difficult in life, taking it step-by-step is your best bet. You can seriously benefit from your favorite poses if you take the time to get them just right. Usually, those who try inversion poses in yoga do so by making the flip in at least three motions just to be on the safe side. As you progress along these three steps, the difficulty of the position will increase, allowing you to take things at your own pace. When added to your everyday yoga routine, inversion poses can improve your physique by a measurable margin.

What Should I Worry About?

When you are trying to master inversion poses in yoga, you need to be very careful not to overdo it, lest you cause yourself physical harm. Make sure that you are practicing your other yoga poses regularly, and see if you can hold certain poses for extended periods of time in order to gauge how successful you will be at the more difficult ones. Talk to your yoga instructor for more personalized help.

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