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Insanity Asylum Review

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Insanity Asylum is a workout program that has been growing in popularity worldwide among athletes and fitness trainers due to the cross training methods that it uses at an intense level. It is marketed as a workout that allows athletes and other people who are highly fit to be able to get an extreme workout.

What this system was designed to do, however, is to take the workouts that were being used by professionals and to bring it home to people who want to be able to reach those levels, themselves.

Insanity Asylum was fitness expert Shaun Thompson’s response to the demand for a follow up product after his original Insanity fitness program. This training is marketed as being state of the art and as a program that allows regular people to be able to gain access to the types of workouts that had once been reserved exclusively for the best athletes that use exclusive sports performance labs and Olympic training centers.

The Insanity Asylum program is another product that is manufactured by Beachbody. It was through that company that Shaun Thomspon created his original Insanity series in 2009, and after it was a tremendous infomercial hit, it now features a sequel.

This program is, as mentioned earlier, a cross training workout at a high intensity. The purpose is to not only challenge the user to push his or her body to the limit, but it also promises that top results will be seen in as few as thirty days from getting started. It claims that users will be able to boost their strength, speed, and overall power, while enhancing agility and coordination.

It uses the athletic matrix training concept in order to push all of the body’s muscles as far as they can go through the use of continuous drills. For this reason, each time a user completes the Insanity Asylum workout, he or she can be assured that every muscle will have received a workout.

There is very little recovery time provided within these very rapidly paced workouts. This is a program that is meant for people who are already in at least fair – but more preferably good – shape, and is not meant for individuals who are still beginners at fitness programs. This program can be used as a stand alone product or it can be combined with the original program and/or the P90X in order to maximize the potential benefits.

At the time of this review, the cost of this program was $89.99 plus $14.95 shipping and handling. It comes with six DVD workouts, as well as an agility ladder, a speed rope, a nutritional plan, a workout calendar, a bonus workout (called Overtime) an athletic performance assessment DVD, and the Playbook.

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