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10 Foods That Have High Antioxidant Levels

by | Oct 17, 2021 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Foods with High Antioxidant LevelsWhen you think of your long-term health, you should be thinking through prevention, and that means obtaining high antioxidant levels. The reason that antioxidants are so important is that they help to protect your health and naturally boost your immune system. They also help you to stay healthy because these antioxidants can eliminate toxins in your system. To think through your health for the short- and long-term, then, you want foods that have high antioxidant levels since they will work as a natural form of protection.

10 Examples of Foods with High Antioxidant Levels

The following are some great options you can choose when you want to include more foods with high antioxidant levels into your diet on a regular basis.  By adding several of these foods into your typical days and weeks, you’ll be ensuring that your body gets a higher amount of what is needed to fight off free radicals and damage to your cells.

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1 – Blueberries

There’s a reason why these are considered to be one of the original superfoods. Though all berries contain antioxidants, blueberries specifically happen to have very high antioxidant levels that can protect you now and into the future.

2 – Green Tea

Drinking just a couple of cups of green tea each day can help you to be your best. This is a beverage that gives back to you health-wise, as it’s loaded with antioxidants and may even help with weight loss as well.

3 – Broccoli

This is one of the best vegetables, due in large part to its antioxidant concentration. Try adding broccoli to your meals and enjoy it as a regular fixture of your diet.

4 – Tomatoes

There are so many wonderful benefits of tomatoes, but their high antioxidant levels top the list. They happen to be high in lycopene as well, which can help with a multitude of health problems and help you to heal naturally.

5 – Pumpkin Seeds

They are full of good fat and make for an excellent addition to almost any meal. They are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for an excellent dietary option.

6 – Garlic

Not only is garlic good for its antioxidants but you also get natural antiviral and antifungal properties. By adding garlic, you can boost your immune system and work toward long-term prevention of diseases and other health conditions.

7 – Spinach

The deep green color of spinach means that spinach has very high antioxidant levels. You will feel the energy that it gives you; but, more importantly, spinach will help you to be your very best if add it to your favorite dishes.

8 – Dark Chocolate

Yes, you can and should have chocolate–but the dark type, high in cocoa content. Typically speaking, this means that you will want to look for options with at least 70 percent cocoa. If you turn to chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth, you likely won’t be doing so with this level of dark chocolate. As delicious as it is, it is definitely more on the bitter side of the scale.  Also, be sure to keep it down to about one large square per day. One serving is typically considered to be about an ounce. Eating more than that will reverse the advantage of the high antioxidant levels and will become less healthy for you instead of more.

9 – Citrus Fruits

They are loaded with vitamin C as well as antioxidants. Citrus fruits like pineapples, grapefruits, oranges, and many others can give your immune system a nice boost and, therefore, should be part of your daily eating regimen.

10 – Red Wine or Grapes

The good news is that red wine or grapes have high antioxidant levels. Though you do need to be careful to stick to one glass of wine daily, you can get some wonderful health benefits with each sip (of wine) or bite (of grapes). Remember that when it comes to wine, one serving is likely smaller than you think.  Five ounces is the maximum recommended amount per day. Anything more than that begins to negate any potential benefits you could have gained.

What to Expect from Foods with High Antioxidant Levels

Regularly consuming foods that contain high antioxidant levels is considered to be a healthy choice, it’s important to know what you can expect to experience when you make the change.  The truth of the matter is that you likely won’t notice much, if any difference at all.  Your body will asymptomatically go about its business and will be able to use these important nutrients to help keep you healthy.  While it will notice a difference, you may not.  That doesn’t mean that they aren’t great for you, because they most certainly are!

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