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Try This Easy Holiday Health Hack to Save You a TON of Calories

by | Dec 22, 2018 | Health, Weight Loss | 0 comments

When the holiday season comes around, this one holiday hack can save you from a ton of calories every single day. The issue is that in the way for many of us is that both foods and drinks are high in sugar, fats and calories at this time of year. Unfortunately (and fortunately!) they’re extremely delicious. They’re hard to resist.

Just the drinks alone at this time of year can take a big chunk out of our healthy calorie total for a day. Think about your holiday beverages. They likely include hot chocolate, spiced cider, eggnog, possibly mulled wine, specialty lattes (peppermint chocolate or ginger spice, anyone?) and several alcoholic beverages, too. Just one or two of these drinks on a regular basis can completely sabotage the rest of your efforts to control your calories that day. The good news is that there is a holiday hack to help you.

Use This Holiday Hack to Reduce the Number of Calories You Drink

Tea! Yes, that’s right. Tea is a top holiday hack for making sure you drink fewer calories. While black tea and green tea are traditional healthful options, there are more festive options you can choose, too. In fact, once you get to tasting some of the options available, you’ll be able to enjoy some delicious and festive hot drinks while cutting back on the more calorific options you’d otherwise have.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a glass of eggnog or a cup of hot chocolate. At the same time, this holiday hack gives you an alternative so that you don’t need to have them nearly as much, while still remaining satisfied with your options.

Consider the following holiday teas to cut down your calories this holiday season:

Apple Cider Tea

Several brands have come up with an herbal tea to mimic the spicy tangy taste of mulled cider. Look for one made with real apple pieces. Add your own dusting of spices and a drip of vanilla or look for one that has already mastered these ingredients on its own.

Chocolate Tea

Yes, it exists. In fact, there are many different types of chocolate tea. There’s traditional black tea with a hint of chocolate. That said, there are also various types of chocolate herbal teas that contain other spices such as cinnamon to make them feel especially festive as a holiday hack.

Peppermint Tea

This classic not only tastes great all year round, but it’s a nearly perfect holiday hack. Peppermint tea has the essence of candy canes, but is soothing to the stomach, opens the respiratory passages and can even reduce the inclination for many people to eat.

Happy Holidays from Intechra Health

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