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The Biggest Fitness Myths You Should Be Aware Of

by | Mar 24, 2016 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Everybody has a list of New Year resolutions. One such goal usually is to stay fit. Whether you are in the gym, jogging in the park, or trying to lose weight with yoga, it is important that you do not fall victim to the various fitness myths that surround us. Let’s check out the biggest fitness myths that you should be aware of and the reality behind them:

Myth: I Will Appear Bulky If I Lift Weights
Fact: Weight training contributes to 70% of your calorie burn. Bulk actually comes from a diet that is loaded with calories and is generally recommended for bodybuilders. You can easily burn fat by combining weight training with a nutritional diet that contains few calories for burning fat without adding bulk.

Myth: The More You Sweat At the Gym, the More Fat You Lose
Fact: In reality, it really depends on how hard you work out. Sweat doesn’t contribute to calorie burn though.

Myth: Fat Turns into Muscles with Exercise
Fact: The fact of the matter is that fat and muscles are entirely different tissues. Therefore, any attempts to transform one into the other are often unsuccessful.

Myth: If I Am Not Sore, I Am Not Exercising Right
Fact: People often mistake soreness as a performance indicator while going to the gym. It is fairly normal to experience some pain and discomfort while working out. However soreness is not a good indicator to measure performance. Soreness is caused when you are pushing your body too hard. The success of your fitness regime lies in the fact that you are challenging your muscles to the fullest.

Myth: If You Feel No Pain after Hours of Exercise, You Are Not Overdoing It
Fact: This is the most common of all fitness myths a large number of people are guilty of believing in. Don’t do too much too soon. Take short breaks between your workouts and don’t overdo it to avoid getting hurt or injured.

Myth: Crunches Burn Fat around the Stomach.
Fact: Crunches are not the most effective exercises for burning belly fat. In fact, a number of other exercises are great for this purpose. These include lunges, squats and press-ups.

Myth: I Cannot Gain Muscles After 40
Fact: Although age is responsible for wear and tear of your body, there is still hope for muscle gain after the age of 40. It may involve a bit more hard work. But it is possible.

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