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Research Shows Energy Drinks Boost Heart Strain

by | Sep 12, 2020 | Health | 0 comments

Should you be concerned about energy drinks causing heart strain and other health challenges? Did you know that there are risks associated with these popular drinks many of us use to recharge our batteries when we’re dragging?

Why Do We Enjoy Stimulant Beverages?

Energy drinks have become a very popular type of beverage, particularly among young adults, as we live busy lives that require us to stay alert longer, despite the fact that we’re sleeping less and doing more. With so many things to do these days, many people will certainly be turning to these drinks to help them to keep on top of all of their responsibilities.

However, before you make your next sleep deprived reach for your favorite hyper sweet, calorie filled energy drinks, you may want to take a second to learn about the results of a recent study. The reason is that it is starting to look as though those very popular beverages are actually having a harmful impact on the hearts of their users.

Research Linking Energy Drinks and Heart Strain

The study results were presented at the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting which recently convened. What it showed was that healthy adults who consumed energy drinks experienced heart contraction rates that were “significantly increased”. This small study is an ongoing one, which means that those were only among the first results that were identified, but the researchers intend to release more along the way.

The participants in the study were made up of 3 women and 15 men. Their average age was 27.5 years old and they were all considered to be healthy. What the scientists found was than an hour after having consumed energy drinks which contained typical ingredients such as 400mg/100 ml taurine, as well as 32 mg/100 ml caffeine, the MRIs of each participant noted an increase in the peak systolic strain and peak strain rates in the left ventricle of the hearts.

Is This Dangerous?

As of yet, the researchers have not been able to determine whether the change in the rhythm of the heart actually has any impact on the individual’s ability to perform athletically or to complete his or her daily activities. They have stated that additional research will be required in order to be able to fully understand the impact of the energy drinks on the heart.

That said, as it stands, it isn’t good news for people who have been relying on energy drinks to get them through the day without falling victim to fatigue, or who have been using these products to stay energized while exercising or taking part in sports. Most doctors recommend choosing healthier snacks throughout the day to keep up energy levels, suggesting those high in fiber and protein instead of caffeine and sugar, which inevitably lead to crashes.

What Can You Do to Power Up Instead of Energy Drinks?

One of the easiest alternatives to energy drinks can be some of the best diet pills. If you’re already trying to stay powered up to keep up with a weight loss diet or to perform at your best during workouts, then these could be a great match for you.  Those that contain stimulants – in the appropriate amount – were developed specifically to help you keep up with those goals.

The key to getting the most out of them is to ensure you know just what you’re using.  Make certain that all the ingredients in the product you’re considering have undergone clinical research.  It’s also a good idea to choose products from a company with a great reputation and that offers consistently positive customer support.

It’s also highly important that you take the product you choose according to the directions on the package.  Otherwise, you risk misusing the product and then you’re risking suffering from side effects just as you would if you were misusing energy drinks.

When it all comes down to it, whether you’re considering the use of energy drinks or diet pills, your best move is always to speak with your doctor, first.  They can provide you with reliable, medically sound information and advice for the proper use – or avoidance – of products you are thinking about.

Natural Ways to Avoid Energy Drinks that Strain the Heart

Keep in mind that stimulants can be helpful, but there are natural ways to recharge your batteries, too.  These will all help you avoid energy drinks that can strain your heart and many of them are free.

  • Stay hydrated – Water is important to essentially every body function. When you are dehydrated, one of the first symptoms you’ll feel is fatigue, as the body slows down certain functions in order to conserve water.
  • Get enough sleep – This may sound like an obvious tip, but it’s one that all too many of us ignore. Millions of Americans are sleep deprived on any given day. Make adequate sleep a priority, and you’ll discover energy reserves you didn’t know you had. No need for those energy drinks that can strain your heart!
  • Eat nutritious food – When you provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best, it will reward you with energy to spare.
  • Care for your mental health – Mental illness can be exhausting. Whether you’re suffering from symptoms of depression, anxiety, or even high stress levels, it will automatically drain your batteries.  Care for your mental wellbeing just as you would for your physical health and find yourself surprisingly recharged.

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