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Effective Weight Loss Trends to Embrace in 2017

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

The new year has arrived with a string of effective weight loss trends that provide a fantastic opportunity to drop the pounds in a healthy way. Previous years have been riddled with fads that feature unhealthy or ineffective solutions to dieting. This year, skip all the nonsense and focus on finding out what works so you can incorporate that into your life.

Fortunately, effective weight loss trends are not too hard to find in 2017. The last while has brought a massive amount of understanding and knowledge to the weight loss industry.

This has made it possible to shift away from a number of widespread myths and to embrace healthful lifestyles, instead.

Among the biggest effective weight loss trends you’ll see in 2017 is the decision to drop the idea of dieting altogether. Most of us have tried dieting and the majority of us have found that it simply doesn’t work. Even people who have achieved their dieting goals have discovered that the weight simply comes back on again. Today’s trends are leaning toward building healthful habits that can be maintained over the long term.

Among those healthful habits are the following:

· Watching added sugar levels – our intake of sugar is way too high. All these years, we’ve been looking at the fat content in our products when it turns out that sugar may have been the “bad guy” all along. The average American eats 19.5 teaspoons of sugar every day. This is far higher than what a healthy body should consume. Try to focus on eating only natural sugars – such as those that occur naturally in fruit – and avoid packaged products with various types of sugars, sucrose, fructose, and others in the ingredients.

· Season with herbs and spices – salt is not the only way to add flavor to a recipe. Moreover, when you reduce your sodium intake and boost the flavor of your foods with herbs and spices, you’ll discover that you won’t retain nearly as much water, making your clothes fit better even without having to burn much fat. Moreover, you’ll feel better and more energized by keeping your sodium levels under control.

· Start drinking green tea and matcha – green tea, particularly in its concentrated matcha form, contains some fantastic antioxidants that have been shown in research to accelerate weight loss while providing a spectrum of other health benefits. Make this tea a regular part of your day.

· Give PhenBlue a try – this fat blocking, fat burning, appetite suppressing and energy boosting formula can help you to establish better eating and exercising habits while keeping the struggles from that effort under control. Bonus fact: organic matcha green tea leaf powder is one of the ingredients in PhenBlue.

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