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These Easy Activities Burn More Calories Than You Think

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

Exercise is good for us all. It’s good for our physical health. It’s good for our mental health. It’s fantastic for our longevity and it’s great for keeping weight under control. However, there are times when we just don’t have time for it. This isn’t an excuse for every day. However, if a workout needs to be cancelled once or twice per month, the worst that will usually happen is that our calorie burning rate will drop. But does it have to?

There are actually some pretty simple activities we can use to squeak some extra calorie burning into even the busiest day. The following activities – when done right – can burn at least 200 calories in a half hour to an hour (based on a healthy 155 pound individual). Lighter individuals might not burn quite that much, but heavier ones will burn more.

The key is to use these activities to their fullest. Focus on getting your heart rate up there. Don’t just drag yourself through these activities. Make it a physical workout!

• Do some housecleaning – It has to get done anyway, right? Skip the spot cleaning and dive right into it. Scrub the floor, vacuum the carpet, clean the bathroom, change the bed linens and sweep the porch. Put some oomph into it. A little bit each day will not only leave your home sparkling, but you’ll burn around 330 calories per hour (or more). It’s all a matter of what you put into it. Swooshing a mop over the floor won’t burn as much as you will if you get on your hands and knees and scrub, for instance.

• Walk somewhere – Need to pick up a jug of milk from the corner store? Have to get the kids after school? If it’s within walking distance, walk. If you don’t live near enough to anything to walk there, park farther from work so you’ll get the extra steps in along the way. Moreover, walk with purpose. Don’t scuff along while you play with your phone. Get a good pace going and squeak in some cardio when you can. Going 3.5 miles per hour (a mile in 17 minutes) burns about 300 calories per hour.

• Cut the grass – Get outside and mow the lawn. You’ll enjoy some fresh air, the smell of freshly mown grass and the loss of about 330 calories per hour if you have a gas or electric mower. Want to save the environment and your waistline at the same time? Burn 410 calories per hour using a push-powered mower instead.

Push your calorie burning to the limit by combining your efforts with the use of APEX-TX5 and its clinically tested ingredients.

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