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Does Exercise Make You Smarter?

by | Dec 4, 2014 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

We all know that exercise is good for our health, but does exercise make you smarter in the long run? This is the focus of many new studies, and there are some very promising initial results.

You do want to consider that this is still in the research phase, but if there is any truth to the preliminary findings, it could be yet another reason to include exercise in your lifestyle. We may recognize that we feel better and happier and more well adjusted when we exercise, but it can carry even further than that. You want to look at the research and then see how this applies to you directly.

The question “Does exercise make you smarter?” tends to be relevant to kids first and foremost. Experts have found that the more physically active a child is, the more he or she tends to achieve academically. This is due to the large role that physical activity plays in how they think and how they take in information. This carries into adulthood, too, so you may find that you are actually able to retain more information and process it more quickly if you exercise. Thus, in the end, it may very well make you smarter and help you to gain better comprehension.

Direct and Indirect Benefits

The question of whether exercise makes you smarter also has much to do with what you need to be your brightest and best. Think of this in terms of mental concentration, for instance. If you exercise regularly, you may find that you have the focus you need and can power through tasks with much more ease. You can see firsthand that, when you exercise, you have an easier time concentrating and focusing, which plays into your ability to take in and comprehend the information. So are you getting smarter? Yes, absolutely, both directly and indirectly!

So does exercise make you smarter? Yes, there is definitely some very real truth to this, and that’s great news. You should know and understand that this must be part of an overall healthy lifestyle. You may want to look at just how the “feel-good hormones” help you to feel balanced and able to tackle anything. When you have something big coming up at work or otherwise need your brainpower working at its best, exercise along with eating the right foods—and being your healthiest and best overall—can ensure that you are productive, smart, and in control.

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