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CrossFit Workouts You Can Do Right at Home

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

If you have tried CrossFit workouts, then you know firsthand just how truly effective they can be. Even if you haven’t, and you are interested but feel intimidated, know that it can be done on your own. The good news for people everywhere is that you can perform some of the best parts of CrossFit at home and within your own comfort zone.

Getting Started With CrossFit Workouts

Though you do need to be sure that you are focused on proper form and technique, this can be a really effective way of working out. You want to be sure to keep the body guessing always, but in the end this type of home workout may be what really helps you to change your body for the long term.

At the heart of so many CrossFit workouts is a good blend of some cardio with a lot of strength training. The key here is variety because it keeps the body guessing. You may not put a lot of time into such a workout, but you give it all you have in terms of intensity. So keeping that in mind, you want to mix in some really intense cardio that will get you going. Common CrossFit cardio often includes burpees, box jumps, running, mountain climbers, and jump rope. Start with this as a base or foundation, then mix in the strength training for muscle bulk.

Push Yourself and Maintain Variety

You may find that the best CrossFit workouts start with cardio and then intermix it with the lifting. That makes for great variety and strong intervals, and it will push you hard to get results. You want to focus your efforts on the strength training component since that lies at the heart of all CrossFit workouts. If you find you’re running out of steam too early, consider an energizing pill like LIPONITRO to charge you up. You want to start small to develop perfect technique, but then add weight as you get the hang of it. Some common lifting exercises include dead lifts, sweeps, bench presses, shoulder presses, kettlebell swings, squats, and lunges. Mix it up and try new exercises often!

Check Out These CrossFit Workouts

If you aren’t sure how to put together your CrossFit workouts at home, then you may want to start with a DVD. There are some great ones out there, or you can model them off of a great website, too. The keys are endurance and variety, keeping your body guessing constantly. Be sure that you are pushing hard, constantly building on your progress, and combining the elements properly. Then the magic will really happen, and you will see the results you want!

CROSSFIT ® HOME WORKOUT | HIIT | No Equipment needed – by growingannanas

This workout is great when you don’t have a lot of time but you’re still ready to sweat.  No equipment needed, but after 10 minutes, you get a full CrossFit workout filmed from great angles so you know exactly how your moves should look.

At Home CrossFit® Workout For Beginners (Modifications included) – by ConstantlyVariedFitness

This is a fantastic workout for beginners or people who just don’t a ton of time to set aside for their exercises. Clocking in at under 5 minutes in length, these CrossFit workouts include modifications for a range of difficulty levels. While basic equipment is needed, it’s a matter of simple hand weights which can easily be replaced with items around the house such as two cans or water bottles of the same weight.

10 Min Crossfit Workout Without Equipment | HIIT | Full Body – by Gym Performance

Another quick workout at only 10 minutes, this one is filmed outside but could easily be done on a back deck, or in any living room or basement. No equipment needed.

30 Minute FULL BODY at Home Crossfit EMOM Workout w/ Dumbbells – Kitty Hug Fitness

This half hour workout does require dumbbells, but you could easily replace them with bottles or cans of the same weight. It is well recorded, and every move is carefully explained, including both how to do it and why it was selected for this session.

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