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The (Lack of) Differences Between Conventional and Organic Milk

by | Feb 12, 2015 | Nutrition | 0 comments

There’s so much talk about organic foods and products, and it leaves people feeling quite confused. Though you may recognize that buying organic is a healthier way to go overall, it can be quite expensive.

Not only that but it may not even be necessary in all cases, and that’s why you start to really evaluate the products out there. One such area that people are really focusing on is looking at the differences between conventional and organic milk.

There is a big push for organic milk, particularly for young girls. The idea is that the hormones and other such products used on the cow can present problems for girls at a young age when they drink the milk. So parents most certainly want to understand if this is true and if buying organic milk is a worthwhile and necessary investment. So this is an area for which you really want to do your homework and understand if it’s essential to go for the organic version, or if the differences are even that significant after all.

Here we look at the true differences between conventional and organic milk and as you will see, they may not be as significant as you might think. As a parent you may still opt for the organic version, but do recognize that one may not reign supreme over another. See for yourself–

There are very few nutritional differences between the two: This is by far the most notable differences or lack thereof between the two types of milk. You might think that you are getting a nutritionally sound product when you turn to organic milk, but the benefits are not any better than the traditional type of milk.

You get much of the same nutrients, and organic most definitely does not stand out from traditional overall. You may see it advertised to state that organic is superior and that you get more nutrients, but these claims are unfounded. So if you are opting for organic milk and paying more for it, be sure that you’re not doing it solely for the nutritional value as it’s not the right choice.

The higher Omega 3 fatty acid levels in organic milk are dependent upon a number of unique factors: One of the differentiating factors that makes organic milk stand out for some, is that it is higher in Omega 3 fatty acids. Sure this is good for heart health and may help to lower cholesterol, but it’s not a key nutrient for children. Not only that but making this claim and actually having higher levels means that many unique conditions must be met by the organic farmer—and that doesn’t always happen.

So, if you are looking for significant differences between conventional and organic milk and are hoping that your child will benefit from Omega 3 fatty acids, don’t count on this as an absolute truth. It may not even be necessary for your child in the here and now anyhow!

The conditions of the actual cows aren’t always better in organic milk: Though certain conditions must be met for a farm to be deemed organic, that doesn’t always make it better. Sure the farmers don’t use antibiotics, but they also tend to do their own veterinary work as well. So the hygiene or general health of the cows that produce the milk through an organic farm may not necessarily be better. If you are turning to organic because you feel it’s a better product, be sure that you understand that the cows may not be in better shape because of this designation.

The use of antibiotics in the cow may actually be a good thing in the long run: This is one of the most significant differences between conventional and organic milk in many people’s minds, and therefore why they turn to the more expensive version anyhow. The use of antibiotics has been looked at extensively as of course it may not be desirable in the diet of children. Using antibiotics to treat an animal that is sick is not a bad thing.

Sure excessive levels used in cows isn’t advised, but turning to organic milk simply because antibiotics aren’t used isn’t necessarily a good reason. Be sure that you are making the right choice, and then you can ensure that the money is truly well spent if you opt for organic!

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