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From Flat to Fab: The Booty Boosting Workout ​

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Exercise & Fitness | 0 comments

When you’re trying to get that perfect backside, diet just isn’t enough. Sure, eating right and doing cardio will help you to burn off the fat, but if you haven’t toned those muscles, you might still have more sag than lift. Get the right booty boosting workout into your routine to change the way you look as you walk away.

A great booty boosting workout is one that is achievable and challenging and that is fun enough that you won’t give up on it. After all, a workout only works if you’ll actually do it! For many people, these exercises are the perfect combination to tighten that sagging behind and build a well-rounded work of art.

The key to a booty busting workout is muscle building. The whole reason a backside looks great and has a nice shape is because the muscle behind it is perfectly developed. The following routine takes an extra 5 minutes that you can tack onto your regular training circuit. It’s great for targeting your glute muscles from each side, to make sure the result has a lifted, rounded shape.

Regardless of whether your current butt shape is droopy, flat or flabby, eating right and working the muscles will burn down the fat and build up the shapely muscle.

The workout involves 20 to 30 reps of each of the following exercises with your right leg, moving from one exercise to the next without taking a rest break in between. Once you’ve completed all the reps of the four moves with your right leg, it’s time to start on your left. Do a total of two rounds for each leg. Try to do it three times per week in combination with a high intensity interval training (HIIT) fat burning routine.

1. Straight- leg lifts from all fours, toe pointed to draw a figure-8 at the peak of the lift when the leg is parallel to the floor.

2. Straight-leg toe-taps from all fours. From all fours, straighten your leg and cross it over and behind the supporting leg. Point your toe and tap the floor, then bring it back again. Be careful not to arch or curl your back.

3. Straight pointed leg from all fours. Raise your straight leg four inches higher than parallel to the floor. Angle your hips downward and point your toes, drawing a clockwise square in the air, then a counterclockwise one. Return to start.

4. Butt-kicking kicks. Still on all fours, extend your leg and align it with your hip, straight out to the side. Bend your knee, drawing your heel toward your body. Kick out to the side to straighten your leg again. Focus on accessing your glute muscle with each kick.


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