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Discover the Best Workout Program for You

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Exercise & Fitness, Health | 0 comments

Finding the best workout program for you can involve some trial and error.  That said, this doesn’t mean that the trial needs to be unpleasant or that the error will make you feel bad.  Your active lifestyle should be approached as something that is always evolving to fit your needs. 

After all, there are many things to take into consideration as you design the best workout program for yourself.  These include everything from your fitness level to your goals, your personal preference for enjoyment, the motivation level required to do a certain exercise, the gear you require, and even the weather!  You will find that your workouts will likely change as you get fitter but also with the changing of the seasons.

Use the following to help inspire you as you create the best workout program just for you.

Exercises to Add to the Best Workout Program

The following exercises are some of the top options you can add to your complete best workout program.  Start with one or two and add and adjust as you discover the way they work into your active lifestyle. If you’re struggling to get your best performance at the beginning, or if you know you can do better even after you’ve had experience with these exercises, consider the recommended supplements to help you to get the energy, drive, or push you need to maximize that potential every time.


  • Goals: Easy weight management, improved energy, mood boost    
  • Fitness Level: Beginners and up 
  • Motivation Requirement: Low 
  • Recommended Supplement: FENFAST 375

Walking is the ultimate base for the best workout program at any level.  It can be done at virtually any fitness level.  It can provide the foundation as you first get started or can be a great supplement if your active lifestyle is more intense and complex.

If you walk with someone else or if you’re a dog owner, then this part of your best workout program should nearly come naturally to you.

Dogs as Natural Exercise Motivators

If you’ve been shopping for equipment to create the best workout program you can find, you may not need to look any farther than the big drooling lump on your couch. That’s right, your dog could be the exercise buddy you’ve needed to really get the results you want.

This isn’t just the opinion of veterinarians who know that dogs that are regularly walked live longer, healthier and happier lives.  Recent research has shown that owning a dog really can be the best workout program you’ll maintain over the long term. As long as you’re dedicated to making sure your dog is stimulated, healthy and happy, you’ll automatically benefit, too.

Dog Ownership and Exercise Research

According to recent research, the average dog owner spends around 300 minutes per week walking dogs.  That’s about 200 minutes per week more than the average person who doesn’t own a dog. 200 minutes is nothing to laugh at and is enough to make a big difference in helping you to reach your fitness goals.

Another reason dog ownership is a part of the best workout program you can get is in meeting total activity guidelines.  If you own a dog, you’re four times more likely to meet the current recommended weekly fitness guidelines than someone who doesn’t own a dog. This, according to large-scale study data comparing dog ownership to exercise totals.

Dogs for the Best Workout Program

It’s important to point out that while dogs can be a part of the best workout program, they’re still living creatures. Research shows that they’re a component of a long-term active and healthy lifestyle in many cases. However, it’s important to get a dog for the right reasons.  You need to want everything else that comes with a dog, too, or it’s not fair to the dog. 

If you already want a dog and are looking to get the best workout program of your life, then you’re on the right track. However, if you haven’t considered the realities of dog ownership but want a dog because they’re cute and will make you walk more, you might want to keep writing that pros and cons list before making your final decision.

How Often Should You Walk Your Dog in the Best Workout Program?

You’ve got a dog. You’ve got the will to walk.  At the same time, you need to remember that your walking needs and those of your pet may not align.  Understand the needs of your dog’s breed and his or her individual needs, too.  As a rule of thumb, all dogs should be walked at least once per day. It’s extremely important to their physical and mental health.

However, some breeds need multiple long and brisk walks every day. Others need a slow stroll to the mailbox on the corner and back.  It depends on your dog’s breed, age, and current physical fitness level.  Remember that your dog can be injured from a workout just like you can and can suffer from a lack of exercise like you can, too. Get in shape together at a pace that works for you both!

Weight Lifting

  • Goals: Building muscle, strength gains, get lean  
  • Fitness Level: Beginner
  • Motivation Requirement: Moderate 
  • Recommended Supplement: APEX-TX5

Weight lifting and training is a fantastic addition to the best workout program for you.  This isn’t just a type of exercise for people who want to build muscle mass.  Yes, it can be done if you want to bulk up.  However, it’s also an important part of building or preserving lean muscle, which isn’t as visible but that is a critical part of a strong and healthy body. 

It helps to boost your flexibility, reduce excess body fat, raise bone density and even boost your performance in cardio exercises.  This can be a surprising calorie burner and many people find that it helps with their mental health through enhanced confidence, too.

Women often balk at the thought of weight lifting because they don’t want their muscles to get too big. Many women also fear reducing chest size.  Fortunately, this remains a part of the best workout program for women, too.  It would take a substantial change in diet and intense workouts to bulk up as women don’t grow muscle the same way men do. 

You’ll just get stronger and have toned muscles, not large bulky lumps, if you don’t want them.  Moreover, fat isn’t burned from specific areas by working them. Therefore, you’re at no greater risk of changing breast size from lifting weights than you are from running every day. In fact, toned muscles in the chest and shoulders are more likely to give a bit more lift and avoid unwanted drooping!


  • Goals: building endurance, confidence boost, cardio health, weight loss 
  • Fitness Level: Intermediate to Challenging 
  • Motivation Requirement: Moderate 
  • Recommended Supplement: TRIMTHIN X700

Kickboxing is a fantastic addition to the best workout program, particularly as your fitness level starts to improve.  This is a complete body workout that crosses over between both cardio and strength training. 

Whether you’re looking to raise your heart rate, build up a sweat, or tone muscle in your arms or legs, kickboxing has you covered.  If you’ve never done it before, it’s a good idea to try it in a class to be sure you’re getting the moves right.  This will help you to prevent injury from inadvertently doing moves incorrectly.

A study published in the Muscle, Ligaments and Tendons Journal showed that kickboxing can be a part of the best workout program for you for several great reasons.  In the study, participants trained for five weeks and saw substantial improvements in speed, agility and muscle strength.

Yoga – Often Overlooked in the Best Workout Program Design

  • Goals: Improving balance and flexibility, stress relief, strength, better sleep 
  • Fitness Level: Beginner 
  • Motivation Requirement: Low 
  • Recommended Supplement: ZIESTA 

Many people forget about yoga as a potential component to their best workout program.  That said, it can play a bigger role than you might think.  It’s great for everyone from beginners to experts. 

Yoga improves flexibility, balance and strength.  This is important for everyday health, injury avoidance and performance in your cardio and strength training exercises.  However, another area in which yoga is helpful is with your mental health.

Research has shown that yoga improves symptoms of pain, anxiety and depression among other physical and mental health factors.  Doing it regularly can also help to promote sleep improvements.  It can also be combined with a high quality gentle sleep aid to improve relaxation and restfulness at bedtime.  With a better sleep comes better health and workout performance the next day.


  • Goals: Cardio and joint health, low impact weight loss 
  • Fitness Level: Beginner
  • Motivation Requirement: Low to Moderate
  • Recommended Supplement: PHENBLUE 

Swimming is often considered to be the ultimate whole body workout.  It can be done at nearly every fitness level and uses muscles throughout the entire body.  It is often recommended for people with certain joint injuries because the resistance of the water works the muscles while the buoyancy in the water is easy on the joints. 

Many people also like the feeling of swimming as a part of their best workout program because they don’t tend to get overheated.  Getting hot and sweaty can be unpleasant and will deter many people from exercising.  While we do sweat while in the water, we can’t feel it.  Moreover, the water temperature helps to keep the body more comfortable throughout the exercises.

High Intensity Interval Training for Your Expert Best Workout Program

  • Goals: Improving agility and speed, weight loss
  • Fitness Level: Intermediate to Challenging 
  • Motivation Requirement: Moderate 
  • Recommended Supplement: 3G BURN

High intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) is a fantastic way to get more out of every minute you spend exercising.  This is often considered to be one of the best workout program options for people who don’t have a lot of extra time or who simply do not like exercising.  You can do a 20-minute H.I.I.T. workout three times per week and spend the other days with walks, yoga or any other exercise or sport you are motivated to do. 

This type of exercise can fit into even the busiest day and will give you a fantastic full body workout in a minimum amount of time. Even better? You don’t have to feel guilty about not doing it every single day because time off for recovery is actually a very important part of this process!

Maximum Intensity Training

  • Goals: Overall peak performance, weight loss  
  • Fitness Level: Challenging 
  • Motivation Requirement: Extreme
  • Recommended Supplement: LipoNitro 

If you’re not new to fitness and exercise, you’ve got experience in building your own best workout program but need to get to the next level, then you may be interested in maximum intensity training.

These programs are designed to push you harder and get you farther than more standard workouts.  They aren’t meant for people just getting started and shouldn’t be tried at that level as injury could result.  However, if you feel like you’re nearing the top of your game and just aren’t pushing yourself as hard as you want, then the extreme level of maximum intensity training could be ideal for you.

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