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The Nutritional Benefits of Black Rice

by | May 26, 2016 | Nutrition | 0 comments

You may be astounded to know about the many nutritional benefits of black rice, not necessarily because of what they are, but because you may not even know what this food actually is. That’s not shocking since, when compared to white and brown rice, it is much less common. However, if you love rice and you’re looking to choose one that will provide you with the best possible nutrient density, then this one may be worth giving a try.

The benefits of black rice are, from a nutrition standpoint, notably better than white or brown. For thousands of years, it has been seen as a food with considerable nutrition and even healing abilities. In fact, in ancient China, it is said that only the Emperor and the Royal Family were allowed to eat it. In fact, at that time, if you were caught eating black rice without the right credentials, you would have faced stiff punishment – to the point that your life may have been in danger.

These days, the benefits of black rice remain the same, while it is much more broadly available. In fact, some nutritionists and nutrition researchers are hoping that more people will choose to eat it on occasion or as a replacement for other types of rice in order to gain greater health benefits.

So what is all the hubbub about?

Most of us know that there isn’t much nutritional oomph to white rice. It’s a simple carb that can cause spikes and crashes in blood sugar. Brown rice has a great deal more to it, from nutrients to fiber. Black rice does appear to edge it out just slightly.

Compare the following stats. In one quarter cup of uncooked black rice, there are 160 calories whereas brown has 170 calories and white has 180 – not a huge difference. There are 34 grams of carbs in black, 45 grams in brown and 53 grams in white. That starts to make a difference. In terms of protein, black also wins out with 5 grams, while brown has 4 grams and white has 3 grams. While the difference isn’t tremendous, it’s enough to make a difference. That said, where it really shines is in the fact that it has six times more antioxidants than brown or white. That’s something worth noting.

If you’re looking to boost your nutrition and your weight loss at the same time, try using black rice as an alternative to other forms of the grain, and APEX-TX5 to amplify your metabolism so you’ll burn through more calories and fats.

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